Thursday, May 31, 2007

Captain, what d'you want?

TAPE Radio - Show #28: 'Captain, what d'you want?'
Phantom Ghost - Relax It's Only A Ghost (Efdemin & Carsten Jost Version) // Lado Music
Vince Watson - Renaissance // Planet E
impLOG - Holland Tunnel Dive // Lust/Unlust Music
Koto - Jabdah // Mem
Lil Mark - Rock Da Howz // Paranoid Music
Pete Lazonby - I Miss U // Playhouse
Robag Wruhme Als Rolf Oksen - Dopamin // Freude Am Tanzen
Dominik Eulberg - Potzblitz & Donnerwetter // Cocoon
DJ Koze - Madame Zinfandl // Freude Am Tanzen
2000 And One - Freak That // Intacto
Ink & Needle - Tattoo Three // Tattoo
Kalabrese - Skamel // Perlon
The Turtles - Think I'll Run Away // White Whale
Killing Joke - Requiem // E'G
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (Joakim Edit) // CD-R
Punkin Machine - I Need You Tonight (Wrenchman Edit) // Mandu
Captain Sensible - Wot (12" Version) // A & M

TAPE Radio - Show #28: 'Captain, what d'you want?'

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shut Up And Dance!

Just a quick update for today - Puffin'll be on here waxing lyrical about current tuneage and our goings on very soon. All you people bored at work might like to check out my review of Ostgut Ton's 'Shut Up And Dance! Updated' compilation that's out this week. Check that out here.

Quick thanks go out to Axel Bartsch for being one of the most affable DJs I've ever had the chance to meet (and for belting it out at our opening Native party - check back for audio from the show), Chris Duckenfield for absolutely rinsing things out at best before: with his rousing set of disco boogie, and to everyone who came out to either of those events. I honestly reckon they're up there with the best parties that we've thrown!

This weekend it's yet another busy one as we're hosting Bill Brewster at the Arc Bar on Friday for Mutant Pop (whilst Puffin spins with Luomo at the Tube for Venn), and then it's Venn Festival's extravaganza at Clockwork on Saturday. There's loads of good stuff on the bill for this one, including Dial head honcho Lawrence, Welsh techno from the Leif and Tom Ellis (under their Trimsound banner), Luke Vibert (who will apparently be leaning more towards older acid house for his performance), and Safety Scissors with his selection of wonky techno gems. Fun for all the family! I'll be DJing between the acts downstairs with Monkey Steak to ensure that the crowd stays grooving all night long. I'll see all you Brizzle hedonists down there!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mutant Pop - This Friday!

Venn Festival (May 31st - June 3rd)

Hello, dear TAPE readers. Apologies for the low frequency of posts going on here at the moment, but rest assured we're busy preparing for our first big party at Native this Friday for Axel Bartsch. It promises to be a good one, and if you're in the mood for party-hopping, then Stephan Bodzin is playing our dear friends' Cuisine night next door. A veritable electronic treat if you're down in Bristol this weekend!

Anyway, I've got to tell you about one of the best independent music festivals around that takes place in our fair city - the wondrous Venn Festival, which takes place this year from May 31st to the 3rd of June. It all started back in 2003 when the local heads came together and decided to offer up a veritable treat of cultural goodies for us Bristolians. It's always taken place at various venues around the city (The Cube being the epicentre of activity), and this year will be focused around the aforementioned Cube (a lovely little cinema with a quality selection of Cider and Polish beer), Arnolfini (a beautiful harbourside arts centre), The Tube (which used to be Massive Attack's private members only club), Thekla (is it a boat or is it a club?), and Clockwork (Bristol's newly refurbished and Funktion One'd mega-venue) amongst a few other places.

Our very own Mr Soft wrote a review of last year's Venn for FACT Magazine
here, so check that out for a vague idea of what to expect. This year's going to be bigger and better, so you'd better be ready for those expectations to be smashed as you pogo happily round Bristol in the inevitably blazing sun. The line-up's looking better than ever as well, with countless acts playing through the four days (Thursday to Sunday), and well... me and Puffin Jack are on the bill so that's reason enough to come, surely?!

Joking aside, there are some extremely hot electronic bookings this year. Friday sees Sasu Ripatti play two sets, one earlier in the day as Vladislav Delay (this one's at the Arnolfini), and the other in his Luomo guise. The latter will be at the Tube alongside the Normalise DJs (including, of course, our very own Puffin Jack), who I'm sure you've heard us mention before on these pages. The programme tells us to 'imagine the heady aroma of abandonment, no way home, and an overwhelming urge to get down', and I'm not one to argue with that! On the same day we're hosting Bill Brewster down at the Arc Bar for Mutant Pop, so you're pretty much spoiled for choice! As if that wasn't enough, krautrock legends Faust will be performing a rare live set (alongside Nurse With Wound's key collaborator, Colin Potter) at the Arnolfini from 7pm onwards, so make sure you don't miss out on that. Faust or Vladislay Delay... now that's certainly a bit of a quandry!
Saturday's the busiest day of the festival, and has acts jam packed through six of the city's venues. There's all sorts of weird and wonderful live acts throughout the day, but its the evening's proceedings that I'm most excited about. First off its drum'n'bass/synth pop/guitar noise duo Spring Heel Jack at the Arnolfini, who are collaborating with Spiritualized's Jason Pierce for this special performance, and then its off the Clockwork for a seriously sickening line-up. Lo-fi electronicists Bronnt Industries Kapital (who have apparently now taken a direction that 'marries thundering krautrock epiphanies to the disco-funk of the catacombs'!) start things off at 10pm upstairs (unfortunately the same time as Spring Heel Jack) which I'm sure will be fantastic, and then it's all about the downstairs from then til the end. Wonky house merchant Safety Scissors kicks things off with a DJ set (his live performance takes place on the Friday on the Thekla), and then its down to local boys Vexkiddy (who I'm still yet to hear) to keep things going with their brand of 'Victorian time travel acid house' (their words!). Should be interesting, if anything!

The performance that I'm most excited about all weekend is the DJ set from Dial records head honcho Lawrence, who'll be blissing us all out with his lush techno tones and textures. If you see someone gurning with their eyes closed and their hands in the air, that'll probably be me. Tom Ellis and Leif (who've released on labels like Moon Harbour and Morris Audio Citysport) close proceedings with their live Trimsound project, which throws together elements of live bass, DJing, and loop sequencing to create an organic techno show that'll get you deep into the freak zone. Also, Monkey Steak (check his track on Peverelist's Punch Drunk records - the Pinch remix is especially good) and that chump Richard Carnage will be DJing between the acts downstairs - I'm sure that seals the deal for you!

I've skated through most of the stuff that I'm going to endeavour to check out, but the great thing about Venn is that you can wonder round finding out about so many great acts that you wouldn't have heard about otherwise. Check the timetable and artist info pages on the Venn Festival site for more info. The guys organising it have really gone all out this year, and they deserve your attendance!

Here are some links so you can check things out for yourself:

In the meantime, have a good weekend, and we'll see all you Mutant Poppers on Friday!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

White Devil Disco Club

Apologies about the lack of radio show last week - I actually finished it off but failed to notify Viva that it was done. Oh well - here it is this week. I should hopefully be back later this week to tell you about some upcoming events of interest down here in Bristol, and maybe a little top ten if I get round to it. Anyway, enjoy this week's bunch of tracks - hot loopy disco editery from Trusme, wonky deep house from Mudd's new LP, horny (yes, literally) techno from Sebbo, and lush synth ambience from 1995 by Thomas Fehlmann and Moritz Von Oswald. Also, there's another track from the excellent 'Shut Up And Dance! Updated' compilation in the form of Ame's pensive cosmic houser 'Fiori', so make sure you get your ears around that. The show goes out at 1am GMT tonight here, and will be archived at the usual address thereafter.

TAPE Radio - Show #27: 'White Devil Disco Club'
Trusme - Nard's // Stillove4music
Studio - Radio Edit // Information
Lovebirds - Behind You // Winding Road
Mudd - Spielplatz // Rong
Black Devil Disco Club with Prins Thomas - On Just Foot // Lo
Ame - Fiori // Ostgut Ton
Sebbo - Beirut Boogie // Liebe Detail
Sideshow - The Slide (Mathew Jonson Remix) // Simple
Amox & Atle - A Witch Kiss (Ink And Needle Remix) // Tic Tac Toe
Dinky - Horizontal // Horizontal
Claro Intelecto - Chicago // Ai
Efdemin - Back To School // Dial
Lindstrom & Solale - Let's Practise // Feedelity
Schizophrenia (aka Thomas Fehlmann & Moritz Von Oswald) - Schizophrenia // NovaMute

TAPE Radio - Show #27: 'White Devil Disco Club'

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Meindl Note

It's going to be a very busy bank holiday in Bristol this weekend - we're pretty much spoilt for choice! Here's a quick run through of what you should be checking out if you haven't already caused your own neural shutdown through excess alcohol consumption in the sun. Isn't the weather fucking beautiful at the moment by the way? Global warming, bring it on! I might not be saying that when this winter becomes the second ice age.
Anyway, back to matters of musical culture. That and going out on the piss. As if you didn't know already, we've got Florian Meindl (Trapez / Resopal) at Mutant Pop this Friday. This night's at the Arc Bar, so make sure you don't turn up at the wrong club by mistake! Downstairs we've got us TAPE boys minus Mr Soft, but with the added bonus of local legend Placid, who's been recently inducted into the under_score crew. He's most well known for his incredible knowledge of old obscure acid records (and the blazing sets that come with that), and his ridiculously large record selection. That and he used to play with DJ Harvey 'back in the day'. Which is always a bonus in a DJ's CV. He'll be indulging us to a two hour wonky disco to acid workout, and believe me, you'll be loving it so much that you won't even care if you don't know the record.
Speaking of the under_score boys, on Saturday night you can check Placid's induction along with Ai and Modern Love legend Claro Intelecto at the Tube. If you haven;t checked (or bought !) his latest Warehouse Sessions then do so immediately - it's immaculately deep cosmic techno business to die for. A typically excellent under_score booking, and when you've got Paul from Emptyset (Microman, who's conspicuously absent on Saturday - I think being No. 7 in Ellen Allien's RA chart may have sent him a little crazy as he's hiding in a fort constructed from his Basic Channel collection in the corner of his room and won't come out), the godfather of Bristol techno (Jim Petherwick), and Luke 'Jackmaster' Malcher as residents, you're sure of a good soundtrack all night long. Bloc Weekend DJ and recent TAPE guest Joe Hart rounds off the bill, and apparently he's been digging deep in preparation. Spirit Catcher are doing the Just Jack after party at Dojo, which I'd like to make. I think I'll see how sturdy I'm feeling at 4:30 in the morning...
On Sunday I hope I don't feel too hungover, because I've got to drag myself to Sublime on King Street to play at Bleeep's all day barbeque party. I'm on from 4 til 8 in the (hopefully) blazing sun, so I'll probably be cracking out the sunkissed disco and deeper house sounds. Four hours though, so I'm sure there'll be a good mix of stuff. The Kelly Twins, JT, and October round things off but unfortunately I won't get to see the technotastic conculsion as I'm to off to Normalise at Hush Hush on Gloucester Road for to see Skull Disco's Appleblim dig deeper than the usual dubstep selection. Support's provided by the always on form residents; our own Puffin Jack, under_score's Luke Malcher, and West Country Shakedown's Harry Glazebrook. Then, to round the weekend off, it's back to the Tube to see Kerri Chandler lay down some slick US house and garage (no, not 2-step) at what is a rare UK appearance for the man.

Thank god it's a bank holiday.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blame It On Disco

TAPE Radio - Show #26: 'Blame It On Disco'
Repeat Repeat - Homestop Welcome // Soma
Sam K - Doesn't Matter // Perspectiv
Lusine - The Stop (Robag Wruhme Remix) // Ghostly International
Aardvarck - Cult Copy (2000 And One Remix) // Rush Hour
John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Mind Bend (feat. Dan Bell) // Palette
Luomo - Really Don't Mind (Club Mix) // Huume
Mudd & Chico Hamilton - Kerry's Caravan (Ray Mang Mix) // Rong
Roman - True Love Owes Us Shit (LoSoul Remix) // Kalk Pets
Koto - Champion's Cue // ZYX
Baldelli - Dark Flies // Gomma
Los Angeles TF - Magical Body // Il Discotto
Barrabas - High Light (Todd Terje Rekutt) // CD-R
Cristina - Blame It On Disco // Ze
Kano - Cosmic Voyager // Emergency
Valerie Dore - The Night // ZYX
Lovebirds - I Don't Know Why // Winding Road
Junior Boys - In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix) // Domino

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