Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Sunday @ LAB

MONO TONIC present...

Sunday 19th April
LAB (ex-Arc Bar)

Two of Bristol’s clubbing institutions come together for our latest Sunday flexout, providing a soundtrack of the best in house, garage, funky, dubstep and techno on LAB’s impeccable Funktion One soundsystem.
El Gato & Billy Blanks (bruk)
The Bruk boys have long been a staple on the Bristol scene for lovers of garage, dubstep, and everything in between. Recent nights with the likes of Mak10 and United Vibes have been off the scale, but the men behind bruk are worthy DJs in their own right. With their Bruk Radio show on Sub FM, El Gato and Billy Blanks broadcast to a worldwide audience of bass lovers, mixing up a deft selection of house, garage, dubstep, funky and instrumental hip-hop tracks that will get your body moving - guaranteed. We're more than glad to welcome the duo to the Mono Tonic fold for what promises to be a special evening of drinking, dancing and yet more drinking.


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