Thursday, May 03, 2007

Meindl Note

It's going to be a very busy bank holiday in Bristol this weekend - we're pretty much spoilt for choice! Here's a quick run through of what you should be checking out if you haven't already caused your own neural shutdown through excess alcohol consumption in the sun. Isn't the weather fucking beautiful at the moment by the way? Global warming, bring it on! I might not be saying that when this winter becomes the second ice age.
Anyway, back to matters of musical culture. That and going out on the piss. As if you didn't know already, we've got Florian Meindl (Trapez / Resopal) at Mutant Pop this Friday. This night's at the Arc Bar, so make sure you don't turn up at the wrong club by mistake! Downstairs we've got us TAPE boys minus Mr Soft, but with the added bonus of local legend Placid, who's been recently inducted into the under_score crew. He's most well known for his incredible knowledge of old obscure acid records (and the blazing sets that come with that), and his ridiculously large record selection. That and he used to play with DJ Harvey 'back in the day'. Which is always a bonus in a DJ's CV. He'll be indulging us to a two hour wonky disco to acid workout, and believe me, you'll be loving it so much that you won't even care if you don't know the record.
Speaking of the under_score boys, on Saturday night you can check Placid's induction along with Ai and Modern Love legend Claro Intelecto at the Tube. If you haven;t checked (or bought !) his latest Warehouse Sessions then do so immediately - it's immaculately deep cosmic techno business to die for. A typically excellent under_score booking, and when you've got Paul from Emptyset (Microman, who's conspicuously absent on Saturday - I think being No. 7 in Ellen Allien's RA chart may have sent him a little crazy as he's hiding in a fort constructed from his Basic Channel collection in the corner of his room and won't come out), the godfather of Bristol techno (Jim Petherwick), and Luke 'Jackmaster' Malcher as residents, you're sure of a good soundtrack all night long. Bloc Weekend DJ and recent TAPE guest Joe Hart rounds off the bill, and apparently he's been digging deep in preparation. Spirit Catcher are doing the Just Jack after party at Dojo, which I'd like to make. I think I'll see how sturdy I'm feeling at 4:30 in the morning...
On Sunday I hope I don't feel too hungover, because I've got to drag myself to Sublime on King Street to play at Bleeep's all day barbeque party. I'm on from 4 til 8 in the (hopefully) blazing sun, so I'll probably be cracking out the sunkissed disco and deeper house sounds. Four hours though, so I'm sure there'll be a good mix of stuff. The Kelly Twins, JT, and October round things off but unfortunately I won't get to see the technotastic conculsion as I'm to off to Normalise at Hush Hush on Gloucester Road for to see Skull Disco's Appleblim dig deeper than the usual dubstep selection. Support's provided by the always on form residents; our own Puffin Jack, under_score's Luke Malcher, and West Country Shakedown's Harry Glazebrook. Then, to round the weekend off, it's back to the Tube to see Kerri Chandler lay down some slick US house and garage (no, not 2-step) at what is a rare UK appearance for the man.

Thank god it's a bank holiday.


Blogger zhötreaux said...


i am a religous fan of your blog. in australia, disco is not deep, minimal means anything continental and dubstep is a misspelling of dumpster. in my daily endeavours to slay this beast of mediocrity, i've found this page most useful. whether or not your advice should be heeded i have no clue, but i like your tunes:: an eclectic that suits mine. but

fuck me dead, i need you to finish your review of 06. you can't just promise things then not deliver. its called contracting ~ we do of course inherit somethings from mother it's on my mind. and it's in your mind, so mind your marians and don't disappoint. i reeeally got into the first seg.

remember, antipodeans arent exposed like you, so show us the rest of your bits. bytes. something. damnit i shouldn't drink in the day... get so anime

meanwhile last show a real battler ~ bang ging

6:19 AM  
Blogger alex said...

enjoy the long weekend guys. make sure you hold it together to get to kerri on sunday - he's so fucking good it'll top your weekend off nicely (and you'll have monday to recover)

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a little late for a 2006 round-up i think. that anotnelli ep on kalk pets that puff posted is nice.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very funny Rich! I'm spending the bank holiday in said bastion of basic channel, it's the absolute emotional void i had hoped for ;)


11:46 AM  
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Anonymous wctube said...

a little late for a 2006 round-up i think. that anotnelli ep on kalk pets that puff posted is nice.

8:55 PM  

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