Wednesday, March 18, 2009

mixTAPE: Duncan George (under_score)

It's been a while since a mix was posted up on here, so I'm glad to be able to post one of such high quality today. Duncan George is one of the main brains behind Bristolian clubbing institution under_score, who have put on a quality selection of electronic music in our fair city over the past few years. Move D, DJ Pete, Pinch, Secondo, Errorsmith, ISAN, Bodycode, Claro Intelectro, Marcel Dettmann... The sheer quality of their headliners never fails to amaze. Dunc's whipped up a mix of more ambient fare for us, so I'll let him chat for a bit about it:

"It's been a wonderfully cathartic process and i'm really pleased with the result - I downloaded a copy of Cool Edit Pro and blended the tracks together. All the tracks have been mixed in the traditional way - none of the tracks have been DSP edited or spliced - only crossfaded.

I'm sure you can tell by the track listing and when you hear it that it's not really a party mix - more for headphones, reflective late nights, early morning bus journeys and wide open beach vistas. A lot of the tracks are quite old, ranging from 1993 - 2005 but most fall into the early 00's."

Pole - Berlin // Kiff SM
Conjoint - The Joint // Source Records
Electric Birds - Strata // U-Cover
Portable - Kismet // Background
Kid 606 - Now I Wanna Be A Cowboy // Mille Plateaux
Sutekh - Untitled // Force Inc
Basic Channel - Lyot Remix // Basic Channel
Farben - The Video Age (Re-Edit) // Klang Elektronik
AM/PM - The End 11 // Dreck
Dynamo - Voraus 2 // Din
Jetone - Fkstrtowr // Force Inc
Baby Ford - 3am Gargoyle Requiem // Perlon

Duncan George - "Ebb & Flow" mix


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