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under_score vs. TAPE

Sven Weisemann
(Mojuba / Styrax Leaves / liebe*detail / Meanwhile / Apple Pips)

+ DJs:
Jack The Red
Richard Carnage
Jim Petherwick

Saturday 7th March 2008 @ Tube / 10pm - 4am / £4

TAPE & under_score are very proud to present young Berlin upstart Sven Weisemann. Despite being only 23 years old, he has been tearing techno & house dancefloors apart since 1997 with his intense, quick-fire DJ style; as well as releasing his own captivating, ultra-deep productions for Styrax, Meanwhile and his own label Mojuba.

Those more familiar with Weisemanns's own productions may be surprised by his DJing style, as he weaves effortlessly between his trademark deeper sound and classic house and techno dancefloor bangers. Influenced by the fast cuts and energetic approach of legendary US DJs such as Derrick May, Sven uses three turntables for maximum effect, taking us on a trip through house, techno, disco and everything inbetween.

As a producer, Sven's music draws deeply on the legacy of Chicago and Detroit, yet he has carved out a sound that is invariably his own. Records such as "Vibe" and "Slices" are perfect examples of delirious and atmospheric house music, that aren't afraid to take their sweet time to hypnotise the floor with their charms.

A self-taught musician who plays piano, acoustic guitar and percussion, Weisemann also composes jazz and soundtracks. These traditions inform his house records, which can be found on labels such as Meanwhile, House Café Music, liebe*detail, Styrax Leaves and especially Mojuba, where Weisemann's music slots together with friends Nick Solé and Oracy to form a distinctive and highly collectible body of work. Most recently, Sven has remixed Ramadanman's "Humber" for Appleblim's Apple Pips label, taking the listener on a deep and delicious dub house journey that manages to be both melancholic and uplifting.

Those who were present at his incendiary performance at last year's Freerotation festival will no doubt be excited to hear of Sven's return, those who weren't will need to get down to the Tube to see what all the fuss is about!

In support we have four of Bristol's finest house & techno DJs. TAPE's Richard Carnage and Jack The Red will join under_score's Jim Petherwick and Placid to spin some of the hottest electronic sounds around.

Sven Weisemann Info:

A day of rest?

Mono Tonic - Launch Party
Sunday 1st March @ LAB (ex-Arc Bar)
Broad Street, Bristol
£2 before 6pm, £3 after

APPLEBLIM (Skull Disco / Apple Pips / Rinse FM)
What better way to launch our weekly Sunday session than to host someone who is hands down one of our favourite selectors worldwide, never mind in Bristol. Laurie "Appleblim" Osborne is the man, and we've got him down to LAB for not one, but TWO sets to keep you on your toes for the first Mono Tonic party. Alongside his good buddy Sam Shackleton, the pair curated the now defunct Skull Disco label, forging a sound that defied the usual 'dubstep' categorisation. With Appleblim’s heavy, metallic sound providing the perfect counterpoint for Shackleton’s more ethnic and polyrhythmic style, they won legions of fans, and devastated dancefloors worldwide. More recently, 'blim has started up his own Apple Pips imprint, which continues to push the boundaries of modern music with its jawdropping releases, whether they're of a dubstep or techno persuasion. As anyone who's listen to Appleblim's now legendary shows on London pirate station Rinse FM will attest, Laurie's selection prowess doesn't just extend to techno and dubstep - nor does it end with grime, 2-step and funky. Natch, the man Osborne has been working in record shops (most notably Notting Hill's Soul & Dance Exchange) for years, picking up all sorts of aural gems that you might not necessarily associate with him from listening to his sets or productions. House, disco, hardcore, IDM, dub, jazz, jungle, electro... I could go on, but I'm sure that you've already gathered how much of a walking encyclopedia of staggeringly brilliant tunes this man actually is.

Mono Tonic is therefore proud to present two separate sets from the 'blim. Kicking off in the afternoon, Laurie will be indulging us with some of the many gems from his eclectic collection. Digging deep into his racks, he'll be pulling out some obscurities and oddities to play alongside some older classics that don't necessarily fit into his normal club sets. Later on in the evening, he'll be donning his dubsteppin' cap to play us a set of dubstep, techno, funky, and whatever else he's playing at his many gigs around the world of late. What else can we say? Blimmin' marvellous!

Andy Clarkson has become somewhat of an institution on Bristol's reggae scene over the past ten years, and we're glad to welcome him to the Mono Tonic fold for our first party. It isn't just reggae that's Mr Clarkson's forte, however. His massive collection of reggae, dub, disco, house, post punk and everything inbetween is pretty damn enviable to any self-respecting DJ worth their salt, and he'll be endowing us with a perfectly blended selection of nuggets from his array of Ikea Expedits. Expect the unexpected...

JACK THE RED (TAPE / Rooted Records)
He might have gone through a name change recently, but Jack The Red is still the same ol' flame-haired turntable wizard that we've always known. You can find him behind the counter at the beloved hub of Bristol's music scene, Rooted Records, where he'll be more than happy to wax lyrical about recent developments in the UK funky scene, or even the finer points of free jazz. Jack The Red will be bringing this genre-hopping free spirit to all of his sets at Mono Tonic, and with his new name and a renewed vigour for DJing, you can be sure to hear some special music during his time on the ones and twos.

RICHARD CARNAGE (TAPE / Resident Advisor)
Bristol's resident dance music journo will be taking time out from slaving away at his laptop to bring you an insight into the hottest electronic sounds of the moment, along with all sorts of wax that he's uncovered from the last thirty years of dance music culture. Whether it's with smacked out balearica or the deepest dub techno around, his mission is to enlighten and enthrall in equal measures.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 20 Remixes Of 2008 (1-10)

10) TRG - Put You Down (Ramadanman Remix) // Hessle Audio
David "Ramadanman" Kennedy was on fire last year, with three cracking singles and this little beauty, which was his first ever officially released remix. Minimising TRG's skittering garage beats was a genius move, giving the dubwise stabs and uber-deep bassline plenty of room to breathe and exude their irresistable charms.

9) Luke Hess - Believe & Receive (Shed's Deepanddubbydub Remix) // Kontra Music
Luke Hess' original isn't without its own merits - hell, it was one of the more engaging dubby techno records of last year - but Shed's overhaul on the flipside was the real star of the show. Its funky cyclical bassline draws you in, the snares on the two and four get you bopping along... then WHAM! In come the skittering closed hats, providing the sucker punch that seals the deal, and you're only three minutes in. It's a record that lends itself incredibly well to mixing, but stands up high and proud on its own two feet - the way good techno music should be.

8) Shackleton - You Bring Me Down (Peverelist Remix) // ~scape/Skull Disco
It's no secret that we're massive fans of Tom "Peverelist" Ford's work here at TAPE, and his only remix of 2008 finds its place at #8. Local lad he may be, but it's by no means a token inclusion, even though it's possibly the 'straightest' track he's put his hand to so far. I say 'straight', as it's his only production to date that features a 4x4 kickdrum (which, admittedly, does take two minutes to appear, and is slightly weighted), giving Shackleton's tenebrous ethnic samples some much-needed pump for the dancefloor.

7) Tadeo - Reflection Nebula 056n (Substance Remix) // Apnea
I heard a second hand story that when Substance (AKA Hardwax's DJ Pete) heard this track before remixing it, he said "yeah, this is good, but it could do with some hats." He was right, and his simple but effective remix gives "Reflection Nebula 056n" the punctuary percussion that it was crying out for.

6) Matias Aguayo - Minimal (DJ Koze Remix) // Kompakt
One of the modern masters of the art of remixing, Stefan Kozalla almost always pulls it out of the bag when handed the parts for one of his majestic recontextualisations. Here, he takes the galloping dark funk of Aguayo's original and guts it, drenching the vocal in smooth synths and a groovy disco beat. Add some cowbell (always a winner) and some tropical percussive flourishes, and you've got a perfect summer anthem that's just waiting for that perfect sunny day.

5) Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Martyn Heart Beat Mix) // Warp
I could've picked any one of Martyn's remixes from 2008 to fill this spot, but seeing as this was the for the RA ballot, I decided to plump for this one. It didn't make the final 15, however, but its stuttering synth and huge bassline over that sultry female vocal make it approximately ten billion times better than Dubfire's frankly godawful remix of Radio Slave's "Grindhouse" (which somehow managed to worm its way into #11 in an otherwise respectable list).

4) Geiom ft. Marita - Reminissin' (Kode9 Refix) // Berkane Sol
Kode9's remix of Badawi's "Den Of Drumz" would've been here, if it hadn't originally come out in 2007 on the CD version of his collaborative album. This effort is cut from similar cloth, however, taking a relentlessly energetic percussive skip and marrying it to a repeated burst of melody, à la Mala's "Left Leg Out". Big boy dancefloor business, this one.

3) Sascha Dive - Deepest America (Moodymann Remix) // Ornaments
So your label's got a shitload of money to play around with, so you sign a pretty pedestrian sample-heavy house track from an in vogue European producer, and then get Moodymann to remix it. He takes the original and stamps a great big "fuck you" on there, adding a vocal that berates the state of modern house music ("Music... there ain't no soul more") whilst pissing over most of 2008's house records from a great height. Infectious swinging percussion, lush organic samples, and a brief bassy arpeggio that comes out of nowhere - this remix has it all, and more. And all that whilst only using a snippet of the spoken word section from Dive's original. You can call it a statement if you want, but I'm calling it one of the best house tracks of last year.

2) TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix) // Hessle Audio
As soon as I first heard the Detroit-esque pads and dubwise broken percussion of Martyn's "Broken Hearts" version, I was in love. Devastatingly deep dubstep that gives those heart strings a tug in the right direction - towards the speaker stack.

1) Namlook - Subharmonic Atoms (Pépé Bradock Bug Remix) // Macro
Pépé Bradock is a very odd man. We like odd here at TAPE, however - especially when it comes to our favourite French producer - and he's pulled it out of the bag yet again with this remix of Pete Namlook's beatless techno masterpiece from 1996. It's a fairly simple remix job, with Pépé simply adding a shuffling boompty beat and messing around with the original's structure. The devil's in the details though - the subdued rhythmic stabs, the subtle but hugely effective percussive changes, and of course the removal of the beat halfway through which just begs for a great record to lay over the top. Add to that the expert mastering from D&M's Rashad Becker (who masters every single one of Macro's releases), and you've got yourself a remix that's worthy of TAPE's #1 spot. Pépé Bradock - long may you continue with your odd idiosyncratic adventures into the deepest depths of house music.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top Remixes Of 2008 (11-20)

Yes, I know it's February, and I'm sure you're already hastily trying to find the best new release of 2009, but the TAPE blog hasn't finished with 2008 that easily. I know I've been slack/busy/neglectful concerning the updates here due to my current employment for RA (and you should all read my interview with Bristolian dubstep don Peverelist if you haven't already), but the 2008 TAPE round-up is finally here...

Top 20 Remixes Of 2008 (11-20)

20) Zomby - Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix) // Hyperdub
The Glaswegian "aqua-crunk" merchant takes to knife to "Spliff Dub", wrapping a stunted arpeggio and insistent bassline over Zomby's sampled vocal paean to the ol' Mary Jane.

19) Martyn - Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Cleanse Mix) // 3024
2008 was very much Fly Lo's year in the spotlight, and if you enjoyed his Los Angeles record, then you'll more than likely lap up this warm but wonky interpretation of "Natural Selection".

18) Prosumer - Turn Around (Cassy's Smooth Mix) // Ostgut Ton
If you're aware of Cassy's work, then you'll know that she's all about stripped back grooves - and what a groove this is. Hypno-house at its finest.

17) Morgan Geist - Detroit (C2RMX1 by Carl Craig) // Environ
The original version was the highlight of Geist's Double Night Time record, and C2 gives it a damn fine nip and tuck to make it suitable for sweaty late night dancefloors.

16) Silent Servant - Violencia (Function Remix) // Sandwell District
Both of the mixes on this package are fantastic, but for me it's Function's use of space and swing that just edges it.

15) International Pony - Bubble In A Bottle (Pepe Bradock Remix) // Columbia
Pepe Bradock had a relatively productive year in 2008, and I certainly wasn't complaining. Eccentric and engaging house music in a year where yawnsome trackiness was all too prevalent.

14) DLX - Matter Of Fact (Breakage's Relatively Speaking mix) // Smog
Dark and cavernous speaker-bothering business from Breakage, with some of the best sounding snares I heard all year long.

13) Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon Remix) // Hotflush
Crisp, charging percussion and celestially choral samples combine to make an urgent and uplifting heads-down techno anthem.

12) Rennie Foster - Good Time Charlie (DJ Bone Remix) // Subject Detroit
Bone gets deep on this multi-layered jam, pulling out the cosmic chords and chugging loops for some perfect nocturnal headphone business.

11) Petar Dundov - Oasis (Substance & Vainqueur Remix) // Music Man
Shimmering dubwise chugger from the ever-reliable Substance and Vainqueur team. Lie back, light up, and bask in its immersive liquidity...
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