Thursday, July 24, 2008

Appleblim down the pub!

Though of you based in London (or, at the least, unafraid of travel) are cordially invited to join us for the last ever Washing Line party at The Constitution in Camden, on Saturday 2nd August. Our special guest for the evening is none other than Laurie Osborne, aka Appleblim.

I can't believe we've got Laurie playing in a 60-capacity boozer in Camden. But sure enough, we have.

Along with Shackleton, Appleblim is co-founder of Skull Disco - without doubt one of the most important and innovative labels to emerge in recent years. It came to prominence on the back of dubstep, but Shack and 'Blim (ahem)'s distinctive sound has always defied such easy categorization, its aims far higher and energies far greater than the wobbly bass bollocks which the 'd' word has come to denote.

Since then, Appleblim has released a string of envelope-pushing singles ('Vansan', in particular), and founded a new label, Apple Pips, with the express intention of exploring the fertile grey areas between house, dubstep, techno and garage.

Still, Laurie's roots in dubstep are pretty fucking significant: he's a former resident at the era-defining FWD>>, and regular a contributor to Rinse FM - his most recent podcast for the station is the best 2 hours of music I've heard this year - repping bleeding edge techno and dubstep alongside vintage beauts from Alice Coltrane, Mr Fingers and even (gulp) Davy Graham. You can download the mix here:

Appleblim - April podcast [Rinse FM]Dubstep Allstars Volume 6, following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Youngsta and Kode 9. He's also just produced a sterling mix for Resident Advisor's renowned podcast series. Download it at, where you can also read Carnage's interview with him.

In short, Appleblim is, for me at least, the most interesting and engaging DJ at work on God's earth right now. Seriously. I get out of bed in the morning just to listen to the fucker's Rinse mix. So I'm VERY happy for him to dignify The Washing Line with his presence, especially given as his last UK show was at frickin' Fabric...

Joining Appleblim will be a very special live guest TBA, plus a name some of you will be familiar with: Mr RICHARD CARNAGE. Carnage is the driving force behind the TAPE clubnight and blog, and thanks to his good work and good taste they've both earned a wodge of international acclaim over the years. An infallibly shit-hot DJ of discerning club music of all stripes and shades - from house and techno to dubstep and garage via disco, italo and electro - Carnage is, quite frankly, your man.

Myself and Lazerboy will provide the cherry on the funeral cake with our usual slipshod mix of disco, post-punk and dubby business. Yes!

As usual, it all goes down in the cellar bar of The Constitution - an impossibly intimate lockside boozer in Camden. The basement opens out onto the most tranquil, beautiful part of the lock, and the venue boasts not one but TWO of the best smoking areas in all of Christendom. Seriously. The drinks are good, the locals are weird, the sound is raw. What more do you people want?

All of you who've attended The Washing Line should need no encouragement to join us for our swansong. Those of you who've never been - well, it's your last chance, intit?

right. see you there.

The Washing Line presents

Saturday 2nd August

@ The Constitution (cellar bar), LONDON NW1 0QT

8pm-1.30am, £5
Nearest tube: Camden Town

Thursday, July 17, 2008

TAPE this Friday!

This Friday, people!

Headhunter (Tempa)

As part of the Hench crew, Headhunter has been carving out his own style of dubstep for a good few years now. The ‘Initiate EP’ saw him merge UK garage, techno, and drum’n’bass influences into a mechanical and muscular whole, and showed him on top of his production game. On the 18th he joins us to draw the dots between his influences and his own material. Expect maximum bassweight!

Headhunter live on Rinse FM (28th May 2008)
Untitled - White Label
Teebee - White Label - Black Science Labs- Subtitled
LTJ Bukem - Suspended Space - Suspended Space EP - Good Looking
Future Engineers - Source Code- Technetium Ep
Tony Allen - Ole (Moritz von Oswald Mix) - Honest Jons
Leftover - eichenholz ep - Baum Records
Reverberation - Substance & Vainquier - Scion
Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling
Headhunter - Untitled Dub
Headhunter - Paradigm Shift
ramadanman - Blimey - Hessle Audio
Headhunter - Grounded
Pinch - Wonky Bleepy
Martyn - Natural Selection
2562 - Moog Dub - Tectonic
Headhunter - Your Say
Headhunter - Untitled Dub
Headhunter - Royal Flush
Wax Doctor - New Direction (93 Remix) - Basement Records

Headhunter live on Rinse FM (28th May 2008)

October (Caravan / Perspectiv)

Undoubtedly the finest purveyor of forward thinking techno music in the city, Julian Smith has turned heads worldwide with his recent productions on his own Caravan label, and also for Ripperton's Perspectiv. Mastered by Robert Babicz (aka. Rob Acid), his current release, 'Say Again' is a futurist broken techno track that's been rocking floors worldwide. Not to mention that his 'Three Drops' track is a favourite of Surgeon, and has been invited to perform a set on his radio show in the coming month. In addition, his track 'Invitation' has just been licenced as the final track on the new instalment of Steve Bug's 'Bugnology' mix series - great praise indeed!

October - New & Forthcoming Releases
1) Listen, Move, Dance
2) Three Drops
3) Invitation
4) There's A Glitch In My Soup
5) Tape
6) Homosapiens

October - New & Forthcoming Releases

Luke Malcher (under_score)

Luke Malcher is a resident at top Bristol techno night under_score. He likes to combine party funk with rave fear, and assimilates numerous styles - including bumping uk garage, dub, house and experimental noise - to create a unique sound. He has played for nights like Tape, Summer Summons, Byte and Best Before and is known for unauthorised collusions with Westcountry Shakedown and Normalise.

Luke Malcher - No EQs Promo Mix
SOG - SOG 2.2
Dettmann & Klock - Places Like This
Samim & Michal - Exercise
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches
Petre Inspirescu - Sakadat
Rhythm & Sound - Ruff Way (Osunlade Version)
Vainqueur - Elevations 2 (Extracted)
Ramadanman - Offal
Juice-O-Matic - Lask006
Dru Hill - How Deep Is Your Love (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Dexter - I Don't Care

Luke Malcher - No EQs Promo Mix

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Placid kicks out the jams

Local legend and under_score resident Placid has just started off a new blog showcasing records from his deep and extensive record collection. There's only a few entries so far, but mark my words when I say that this site will be one to watch as far as classic dance rarities go. Already up are cuts from Marcus Mixx, Acidwolf, Ecstasy, Kebekelektrik, Humanoid, and Frequency X.

Link: - The Blog

Also, if you're in Bristol this Saturday then you should head over to St Paul's Carnival, which is always really good fun. There are a few rigs present, the most notable one being the Sureskank rig who've got a dubstep line-up to die for! They'll be present on Ashley Road, so head over once you've had your fill of jerked chicken. Here's the full line-up:

+ MORE!!!

Under_score are also collaborating with Bruk to put on an event in the evening at The Tube (at the bottom of Park Street), so if you're at a loss for something to do, head there afterwards.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

MixTAPE: Live at Viva Radio

It's taken me a while, but I've finally got round to uploading the mix that I did for the Viva Radio guys whilst I was over in NYC. It's a bit sloppy at times, but I blame that on being a bit flustered after getting totally lost on the way back from Dope Jams, which was honestly one of the best, if not the best record shop that I've ever had the pleasure to visit. Friendly staff, big fat vintage speakers mounted up, a reel-to-reel, dividers for each record rather than genre for quick browsing, some hilariously on point comments on the records (Deepchord's 'Grandbend', for example: "more watered down sub-Basic Channel, but that won't put you off, will it? Hell, just buy it and sell it on eBay in a couple of months for triple the price!"), and stock to make a grown house and techno fan do a small wee in their pants... I could go on, but I won't. But if you're ever in New York, do try and make it over to Brooklyn and check out the shop - you won't regret it. Anyway, it took me over two hours walk and a short bus ride to get back (it should've taken me 45 minutes...), and this is what I mixed up on my return to the studio. One take, two 1210's, warts'n'all. Big ups to Matt Werth, Cassady, and Ted at Viva Radio, and also to Colin Nagy for pestering anyone he knew to try and wangle me a gig. Next time, Colin!

TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix) // Hessle Audio
Patrice Scott - Raw Fusion // Sistrum
Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis // FXHE
Pied Plat - Double Trouble // Rush Hour
The MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky // Open
Romanthony - Wreck // Glasgow Underground
TJ Dumas - What Am I Gonna Do // Stillove4music
Erotic Drum Band - Action 78 // Prism
Samson & Delilah - I Can Feel Your Love Slipping Away (Long Vocal) // Saturn
Luomo - Really Don't Mind (12" Version) // Huume

Richard Carnage - Live At Viva Radio

Also, here are some more RA reviews:
Audion – Billy Says Go // Spectral Sound

Oleg Poliakov - House Moujik // Circus Company

Extra Produktionen – Feuerwehrhaus // Brontosaurus

Psychonauts - World Keeps Turning // Souvenir

RSD - Jah Way // Punch Drunk
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