Friday, March 17, 2006

Your bank will not allow this service

Seriously. Another weekend, another bout of joke pennilessness. I have ten quid in the world to last me a week, and I'm about to squander it on four drinks that I won't enjoy. I tell you, being a student stops being funny after a while. An undergrad wouldn't stand for this. I feel close to madness. I've spent forty hours this week thinking and writing (fallaciously) about the subversion of authorial identity in post-postmodernism. Jesus. You know, it's not like I'm down a mine or anything, but still...You know you've hit the bottom rung when you're turning to your own blog for existential salvation. I feel like I'm sixteen years old. I wish I was on a large boat off the coast of Sicily, snorting ket and listening to Love with Yoshi out of Super Mario Bros, with Keith Floyd cooking dinner down below and Ronaldinho showboating on the upper deck. But I'm not, and it's time for me to leave you in peace. The moral of the story: Mr Soft does not like having serious work to do. Diddums.
Here's that rude Apparat mix of Nathan Fake.

Nathan Fake - Charlie's House (Apparat Mix) // Border Community


Blogger Tal said...

nothing like some post-postmodernism to get you through the day.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Professor University said...

Dear Diary today was the worst day ever...
I though this might help with existential angst. Included in the following invite are links to two mixes I did whilst drunk out my tree. It's what I aam working on when I am not studying. The Good News is that I will be dropping the Carl Craig remix of Revelee this Sunday and my head will likely explode relieving me of all earthy burdens.
Prof U

Another invitation and an installment of the live mix series by Professor University. These mixes are to get your hips ready to shake shake shake at the opening of Phucked Disko. The Disko opens on Sunday March 19th after 10. We are in the newly opened Foundation Room (Church just South of Front, Toronto, ON). As it turns we have a special versus set planned for the opening. The resident DJ, Professor University, is being challenged for aural supremacy by the upstart NonDoctor. See bellow for bios.
Download (right click for Windoze, Ctrl-click for Mac) the most recent mix here:

Songs in Lecture #2 by Gorillaz, Goldfrapp, Zongamin, MSTRKRFT, Trash Palace, Le Tigre, Hot Chip, The Rapture, Lemon Jelly, Betty Botox, Lindstrom, Lindbaek, Todd Terje, Theo Parrish and The Kills

Remixes by DFA, The Juan Maclean, Todd Terje and Carl Craig

Previous mix available here:

Professor University: Otherwise known as Ian Taylor (Phd), Ian has enjoyed music from an early age. Coming from Vancouver, Canada, his musical learnings were obviously compromised. In 2005 the majority of his ifuckinpod was was inhabited by the likes of Great Big Sea, Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy. Recently though, through his interactions with the Non Doctor his musical tastes have changed somewhat. He has often spoken of this experience as being almost evangelical, but we are having none of that. Good E does that to people.

NonDoctor or Jamie Drumond was born without cochlea, the tiny bones of the inner ear that allow regular people to hear. However, like the blind or dumb the lack of one of the five sense was compensated by the others and thus he has come to be known for his sense of taste, as one of this city's finer sommeliers, and speech for which I will direct you to the National Post, our country's finest right wing daily. Prof U has, generously, allowed Jamie to play music, as best he can, this night as a part of his integration with normal society. 'Way to go Big Guy. We sure are proud of you.' 

1:03 AM  
Blogger ghost robot said...

i really enjoyed this post. i'm broke, i ain't got no job, and i graduate in months. at least there's music.

5:08 PM  

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