Friday, February 22, 2008

Oi Oi London, This Is Bristol!

A couple of weeks back there was a comment expressing an interest in the seemingly London only dubstep scene. I was quick to retort that I'd consider our fair city of Bristol to be the UK's second city of dubstep - I'd even go as far as saying that our boys are putting out material of a much higher quality than what's coming out of the capital at the moment. There's an incredibly strong scene here in Bristol with new producers popping up all over the place and a string of quality nights that will have your ears ringing into next week.

Our very own Mr Soft has rounded up some of the city's recent offerings over at his monthly 'The Contemporary Fix' column, so head over there now and get reading, innit.


To force my point home, here's a mix from Punch Drunk's Forsaken that showcases the raw talent that's coming out of our fair city at the moment. Really been enjoying this selection of late, and I'm sure a lot of you guys will as well.

1) Intro
2) Gemmy - Back 2 the Future // Unreleased
3) Koast - Koast is Clear // Unreleased
4) Joker - Retro Racer // Unreleased
5) Komonazmuk & Whiteboi - Shankstep // Mode
6) Headhunter - Sushi Brain // Tempa
7) Joker - Snake Eater // Unreleased
8) Diem - Sitar Dub // Immerse
9) Gatekeeper & Appleblim - Tomb // Skull Disco
10) Headhunter - New Dawn // Unreleased
11) Forsaken - Sensei // Unreleased
12) Pinch - Qawaali // Planet Mu
13) Gatekeeper - Tense Past // Punch Drunk
14) Wascal - Protocol V2 // Unreleased
15) RSD - Pretty Bright Lights // Punch Drunk
16) Monkeysteak - Lighthouse Dub // Punch Drunk
17) Forsaken feat. Ben Blackmore - Sagrada // Unreleased
18) Peverelist - Roll With The Punches // Punch Drunk
19) Peverelist - Infinity is Now // Tectonic
20) Forsaken feat. Ben Blackmore - Calles Traseras // Unreleased
21) Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling // Skull Disco
22) Forsaken - Boat Noodles // Punch Drunk

Forsaken - Make No Mistake Vol. 1

If you're in the city this weekend then you could do a lot worse than heading down to our good friend Andy Basic's Byte night tonight (Friday) at Native on Small Street. Zed Bias will be rocking the place with his new found eclectic vibes, Sunship will be getting those ovaries fizzing with an old school UKG set, and the aforementioned Forsaken (who counts himself as one of the Byte residents) will be doing both the first and last sets of the night. It all goes to prove, if you want bass in your face, Bristol's the place!


Blogger N.E. said...

Props! I've been saying this for at least two years and now it seems like people are finally believing it. Bristol's finest hour is still to come.

PS. might catch you at that easter eggstravagza thing at dojos next month. one of the residents is an old friend of mine.

9:06 PM  

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