Tuesday, December 04, 2007

MixTAPE: HMS Cokehead

I've been promising this mix for absolutely ages, had a bit of trouble uploading it, and then forgot about it. Seeing as I've been inactive as far as blogging is concerned over the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd take time out to share it. Completed one wrong morning by myself, Dan Kelly (of the now infamous Kelly Twins), and Joe Hart (Bloc Weekender /West Country Shakedown) after September's under_score party whilst leafing through Mr Hart's collection, 'HMS Cokehead' is a tearing acid/electro/disco rinseout for people who like their house music with a bit of fun.

Regarding the mix's title - no, we weren't all blowing coke up each other's arses actually! It's actually a reference to one of Dan's old acquaintances who joined the navy, partied hard on the drugs and booze, and when he came to sell his story with some of his colleagues, they did the dirty on him and all gave quotes and evidence against him. The headline of the piece was - much to our amusement of course - 'HMS Cokehead'. I'm sure there's a moral there, but I have no idea what! For more amusing antics by this person, check here to see a video clip of him invading a football pitch shouting 'we've fucking done it!', just after his team has been relegated... Say what?!

Hart, Kelly & Carnage - 'HMS Cokehead'
1) Unknown Track // Unknown
2) Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder // DJ International
3) KC Flightt - Planet E (Acid Drop Mix) // RCA
4) Adonis - Rockin' Down The House // Trax
5) Mr. Lee - I Can't Forget // Trax
6) Christopher Just presents Acid Joseph - I Just Love Acid Too (Original Mix) // Holon
7) The World Class Wreckin Cru - House Calls // Macola
8) LFO - We Are Back // Warp
9) Escort - A Bright New Life // Escort
10) Kraftwerk - The Robots // EMI
11) Heaven 17 - Penthouse & Pavement // Virgin
12) John Rocca - Move (Landlord House Mix) // Criminal
13) Tyree - Acid Over (Tyree's Mix) // Underground
14) Message From Future - Robot Is... // Blood Record
15) Giorgio Moroder - Lost Angeles (Outro) & Utopia // Durium
17) Egyptian Lover - Girls // Egyptian Empire
18) Purple Flash - We Can Make It (Vocal Mix) // JDC
19) David Michael Cross - Cold War (Vocal) // White Leather
20) Morgan Geist - Lullaby // Environ
21) Break Machine - Break Dance Party (Dub Mix) // RCA Victor

Hart, Kelly & Carnage - HMS Cokehead

There should also be some new content coming this week. We've got a new radio show for you featuring an hour of quality dub techno alongside some other bits (including an exclusive forthcoming track from our man October - check the 4.5/5 review of his 'Three Drops' single over at RA here), some new mixes (including a couple from some special guests), interviews with Steve Bug & Sebo K, and other assorted stuff. There'll also be a round up of 2007's 12" releases, as with last year, so keep checking back in the next couple of weeks for that. The radio show should be broadcast tonight at about 1am tonight, and I'll get the tracklisting and archive up later today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem unable to download the mix,
great blog by the way...

8:52 AM  
Blogger Sean-Michael Yoder said...

Damn fine mix! Brought back some fond memories of partying and dancing in the 80s. Thanks for the aciiiiiiied...

11:41 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

rhak - We've had this before in the past with some users having trouble with Megaupload. Try clicking on the link, then fill in the three characters that it shows you in the top right of the megaupload download screen. It should then countdown to your download time.

Sean - Cheers boss. This one was a lot of fun to make.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brilliant... 'HMS Cokehead' a true hero

3:03 PM  

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