Friday, November 02, 2007

MixTAPE: Sell By Dave & Sean Kelly

I've been promising to upload this mix for a good month now and haven't got round to it, so with it being the best before: birthday this weekend I've got the perfect excuse. Our fellow resident Sell By Dave and the Kelly Twins' Sean Kelly (nicknamed 'The Robot' for his super tight mixing ability) sorted this mix out for us in early October, and showcases the more upbeat, jacking side of our best before: parties. Here's Sell By with the blurb:

"After a bevvy or two last night, myself and Sean Kelly laid down this spontaneous mix of old and new faves. Kicking off with some socio-political comment from David Byrne and Mudd's overlooked (but brilliant) 'Flytoget', we worked through percussive dub disco and house, bleep techno, lush deepness, jackin' acid, hip-house, electro and electrofunk before finishing with a stunning nu-disco climax (that's the only way to describe Lindstrom and Mungolian Jetset's '16th Rebels Of Mung' version of 'Clairevoyage' by Domninic Leone). There's the odd slight error here and there, but we did do it on the fly and on the whole we think it flows well and has loads of energy… whilst squeezing in a fair few things. We hope you enjoy listening to it!"

1) David Byrne – Rich People Have Lazy Minds // White
2) Mudd - Flytoget // Outergaze
3) Right Direction - Midnight Rhythm (Part Sixx’s Underdog Dub // Past Due
4) Renegade Soundwave - Ozone Breakdown // Mute Records
5) Coco, Steel & Lovebomb - Dub It // Warp
6) Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco (Inner Space Mix) // Warp
7) Shuffle Inc - Remember Chicago (Swag’s Basement Dub) // Vibrant
8) Jazzanova v Atjazz - Deeper Dub // White
9) Clyde feat Capitol A - Serve It Up (Brooks Hiphouse Mix) // Mantis Recordings
10) Tyree Cooper - Hardcore Hip-house (T’s Revenge Mix) // DJ International
11) Housemaster Boyz - House Nation // Trax
12) DMX Krew - The Storm King // Breakin’ Records
13) Kid Frost - Rough Cut (Dance Mix) // Electrobeat Records
14) Mental Overdrive - Discodans // LoveOD Communications
15) Comtron - FTM Anthem 2007 // Rush Hour
16) Putsch 79 - Galactic Pancake // Klakson
17) Dominic Leone - Clairevoyage (A Medley By The 16th Rebels Of Mung) // Feedelity CDR

Sell By Dave & Sean Kelly - Music From Merkin Manor

As if you've forgotten, best before: celebrate their 4th birthday this weekend in venues all over Bristol. Friday sees us return to our spiritual sanctuary (ie. The Bank) for debauched antics with Rune Lindbaek (check the interview with him below), whilst on Saturday we'll be taking over Switch's back room in Timbuk2 (AJ Scent and Jamie Anderson join us on the bill in the main room). Sunday sees me and the Kelly Twins wind things down with a wildstyling sabbath selection down at The Park (free entry, drinks deals, etc.). If you need any more info about these, don't hesitate to post in the comments box. Take care of yourselves this weekend, and I'll see you on the other side!


Blogger Sell By Dave said...

'Music from Merkin Manor'… ha ha. A stroke of genius Mr Carnage.

I hope peeps enjoy the mix :)

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey tape people..

its timmy lee here, mr clarksons good friend.. trying to get hold of mr carnage and mr jack's email addys, so i can send you some floor music.. just want to know what you think tis all... you can get me on:



11:30 AM  
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