Monday, July 16, 2007

In The Box

I haven't done one of these for absolutely ages (I guess you'll have to wait til this year's 100 for the full rundown), but here's a quick and by no means comprehensive look at a few of the records that I'm getting some good play out of at the moment.

Solomun – Pretty much anything // Diynamic/Liebe*Detail
This boy's been on fire this year! From the tranced out Tagesshau to the garage swing of Feuervogel, he never fails to show both his ingenuity and production prowess. My favourite changes from day to day, but I'm always coming back to Eiszauber with its delicate melody and soothing strings.

G-Man - Quo Vadis // Styrax Leaves
Solid three tracker that was originally released all the way back in '95. No nonsense driving wonk for the freaks.

Kelley Polar – Chrysanthemum/Rosenband // Environ
Thank fuck this man’s back on the scene to soundtrack the summer of 2007’s lazy moments. I suppose this is the summer of our disco-content (groan!). Can we have a full LP release this time around, Mr Geist?

Deepchord presents Echospace – The Coldest Season (Parts 1 & 2) // Modern Love
Own the Basic Channel back catalogue and think you’ve got everything that dub techno’s got to offer? Think again. The ever reliable Modern Love come up trumps again with these two beauties, with both of the gems slotted on each release’s B-side. Check out the hypno-house of ‘Celestialis’ or the sedate skank (seriously, you have to check this bassline) of ‘Empyrean’, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

My My – Fast Freeze // Cocoon
My My go disco? Who’d have predicted that? As ever the production is impeccably detailed (lovely fluttering snares, if I do say so myself), and its dramatic structure is sure to do some dancefloor damage at all sorts of nights. Just wait til those London beards get onto it!

Mock'n'Toof - K-Choppers // Death From Abroad
It's been long awaited, but it seems as if DFA's Death From Abroad offshoot is about to rear its head. Promos for this went out last month (and yes, if you send us vinyl there's a much higher chance that we'll bang on about it on here!) so I'm guessing that this storming tribal acid wonkfest will hit the shelves sometime next month. I can see the e-disco heads loving this drugged out late night freakathon, whilst flipside 'Brown Bred' will inject a bit of eerie bounce to their warm up sets. Also forthcoming from the Tiny Sticks camp is a Darshan Jesrani remix of 'Black Jub', so keep your eyes out for that one.

The Turtles - Happy Together (Wade Nichols Edit) // Mindless Boogie
Play this in the early hours to an MDMA drenched dancefloor, and there is only one possible result. Watch as grown men hug each other and jump up and down, whilst the couples sneak off for a cheeky grope in the corner. Been caning this for a good few months now, and it never fails to raise a smile on my face when the chorus comes in. I can't see Carl Craig dropping it, but he's never really been one for displaying his cheeriness whilst playing, has he?

Metro Area - Miura (Maelstrom Edit) // CD-R
Maelstrom's a newbie on the editing scene, but comes up trumps with this driving, moody interpretation of the jewel in Geist and Jesrani's crown. A pulsing groover, if I ever heard one.

Apparat - Fractales (Apparat's Ibiza Mix @ 33+8) // Shitkatapult
A little too hectic for my liking at full speed, but slow this baby down to 33+8 and you've got a rousing emotive gem to trance out to in the early hours.

Robag Wruhme als Rolf Oksen - Dopamin // Freude Am Tanzen
The always on point FAT camp (see what I did there?) have provided my biggest floor shaker of the year with yet another masterstroke from the guy with the weirdest name in techno. Maybe it's just because I'm based in Bristol, but when this bassline hits everyone goes fucking apeshit (and yes, that includes me!). Feel the wobble... His more recent 'Guppipeitsche' was a little too jazzy for my liking, but 'My Gloomy Head' on the b-side was an absolute corker with its funky bassline and melancholic keys.

Theo Parrish - The Rink // Sound Signature
Akin to some of his Ugly Edit work, this is a simple but effective disco looper. It's appeal lies in the slow-down-start-up drum work at the end of most bars, and the ascending strings take you to Theo's special place where everyone's in a gurning, loved up mess. Magical stuff.

I'm sure there's loads of other stuff, but it's getting late and to be perfectly honest, I can't be arsed to go through my records. Remember though - support your local record shop if possible, and if not then go for one of the more independent online retailers like
Piccadilly or Phonica. If anyone's heard of any other decent independent online stockists (or any decent records that they've heard recently), then that's what the comments box is for.

Also, check out the latest iDJ for a couple of reviews that I've done for the Matthew Dear and Cyrus LPs. Both are great, and well worth picking up if you haven't already done so. By the way, ignore the 3/5 rating for the Cyrus - I gave it 4 but someone in the office must have something against dubstep! That's the press for you!


Blogger x said...

Polar's Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens is a permanent favourite of mine. I'm happ that Chrysanthemum is just as good - great video too.
Will check out that Robag track soon!

12:43 AM  
Blogger Sell By Dave said...

Rich, stop whining about iDJ. That mark change was an honest mistake. You'll be glad to know I've removed Dave's hands as penance!

6:53 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Fair enough, Matthew. I forgive you!

12:05 AM  

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