Monday, July 30, 2007

Guest mixTAPE: Harry Glazebrook (West Country Shakedown / Normalise)

The next in our series of Bristol mixTAPEs comes from the West Country Shakedown and Normalise institution, Harry Glazebrook. This is the man who's responsible for resurrecting 3 Of A Kind's pop-garage classic 'Babycakes', having it smashed by an unknown usurper (how could such a loveable record suffer such a fate?) and having to buy another copy off Discogs in the unlikely process. But yes, this man loves a bit of 2-step. It's one of his many facets, however, and his previous 'Sexual Humming' mixes for Normalise (endearingly dubbed onto cassette during the night) have taken things from the lush tones of M.I.A. all the way through to Will Oldham's folky ramblings as Bonnie Prince Billy. His true passion lies in techno music (of course!), and this with this mix he's definitely giving Jimmy P and The Kelly Twins a good run for their money as to what the choice after hours selection would be. There are some fantastic moments in it (Boards Of Canada into Plastikman, the always welcome 'ACD Voice' emerging from Pikaya, and boy, does that Jeff Samuel track sound hot) and it serves as deeply satisfying late night burner.

1) Boards Of Canada - Amo Bishop Roden // Warp
2) Plastikman - Plasticine // Novamute
3) Pep Gaya - Dragon Soup (Lod Remix) // Klitekture
4) Markus Nikolai - Work Out // Perlon
5) Pikaya - Jedi // Cadenza
6) Sleeparchive - ACD Voice // Sleeparchive
7) Guido Schneider - Super Sander // Poker Flat
8) Erykah Badu ft. Rahzel - Southern Gul (Acapella) // Motown
9) Cassy - Somelightuntothenight // Beatstreet
10) Jeff Samuel - Lost // Trapez
11) Maurizio - M4.5 // Maurizio
12) Dave Barker - Rocococoa // Classic
13) Unknown - Can't Get Enough (Chris Mac Vocal Mix Remix) // Unknown
14) Autechre - Clipper // Warp
15) Derrick L. Carter - Where Yaccapella? // Classic

Harry Glazebrook - Guest mixTAPE

Just look at that poster. I haven't seen a better one in absolutely ages. West Country Shakedown is the brainchild of Harry and Joe Hart, and will serve as Joe's final blowout before he moves down to London to do some mental nursing. No, not unplugging people's respirators or giving people 'entirely necessary' enemas for no reason, just nursing the mentally handicapped. We wish him all the best - and if any London promoters need a Bloc weekend resident to bash out some crazy italo/freestyle/electro/acid wrongness, then he's your man. Plus, he's fully trained in nursing the ket-heads at the end of the night! I'll leave the plugging to Joe Hart:

Who can you trust?
You can trust Louis Digital, he's had releases on Warp and offshoot label Arcola. Also, alongside CIM, hes made tracks under the guise Unspecified Enemies, their sought after ep, 'Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit', has been rinsed by the likes of DJ Bone, Surgeon, Rob Hall and everyone else who really knows techno music.

Who else can you trust?
You can trust Luke Malcher (under_score), Paul Purgas (Emptyset), Harry Glazebrook (Normalise) and Joe Hart (Bloc).

Why can you trust these people?
Because they'll be mixing up non stop techno, electro, acid tracks and 2-step in a basement all night long. You can also trust Savage City soundsystems who'll be putting the boom in the room.

Saturday August 4th // 10-6 // £2 in // Take5 Cafe, Stokes Croft

I'll be there with my two quid - you know it's money well spent, if only to see what state Malcher's in by 6am!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

word to harry 'honey' glazebrook for this superior mix.

@carnage - ive just emerged from technos world capital with a new found understanding of how to remain composed after 20 hours of partying. by 6am on saturday ill be writing ultracoherent libertarian tracts on the social value of the technopump while you writhe around in a binge induced stupor!

4:55 PM  
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