Thursday, April 26, 2007

Best Before Tomorrow

This Friday 27th April sees the return of legendary Bristol night, 'Best Before'. Founded by our chum Sell By Dave many moons ago, the night pushed an eclectic music policy which was something severely lacking in Bristol at the time. To put it in perspective five years ago you could go out any night of the week and witness some 'rinsin' drum and bass, but decent nights that played the type of music we witter on about here, were few and far between. The exceptions to the rule were Seen (check this futureboogie link) and Best Before. Well anyway, the night has been out of action for a couple of years but we here at the TAPE Bristol office have been nudging Sell By Dave for a while telling him it's about bloody time it returned!
This time round the location is no longer a 'proper' club, but rather the charming little boozer that is The Bank (venue of the last TAPE party). Having solidified our disco camaraderie with Sell By Dave since Best Before was last around, he has kindly asked us to be residents. Ricky and I jumped at the chance to play, safe in the knowledge that that we can play whatever we want. I'll be playing a heady mix of reggae, disco and nerdy afro-beat amongst other things, whilst Carnage will be indulging his love of very slow records made by Italians.
Highlight of the evening looks set to be the debut performance from Bristol edit maestro's Thumbs Aloft, premiering their 'Pointless Edits' series, described by Bill Brewster as "completely pointless", fine praise indeed! Seriously though I have heard their tinkerings and have been mightily impressed. They have managed to tweak some classics into really tight dance floor bombs, which will no doubt be rockin' the pub tomorrow night.

To recap then:

8pm - LATE

If your not to hung over on Saturday and fancy a bit of record shopping here are my tip top tips for a few things you might want to check out (if you haven't done so already).

Claro Intelecto / Warehouse Sessions 4 // Modern Love - Hypnotic square bass and deep Detroit style action from the Boomkat camp, arguably the best in the series so far. Oh yeah, and he's playing Bristol next week, wa-hey!

Move D / Workshop EP 2 // Workshop - Like Moodyman after a couple of gurners.

Mia / Bittersuss LP // Substatic - Substatic head honcho delivers this fine album of squelchy minimal funk, nice cover too!

Kerri Chandler / Computer Games EP // Deeply Rooted House - 4 trax of pure Kerri gold, each one very playable and no vocals, marvelous!

Robag Wruhme vs Rolf Oksen / Bart Eins EP // Freude am Tanzen - Apparently a tribute to a 70s German police show, or did I just dream that? How that relates to some seriously heavy, and exceedingly wonky bass weight I don't know!

Niederflur / Din // Minus - Sometimes I forget how much I like minus and don't bother listening to the label's new releases. I'm glad I listened to this, its phat, yes phat with a ph.

Frank Hebly / De Tuinslangboogie // Magnetron Music - This is fast becoming a Ricky Carnage classic, and with good reason, super heavy slo-mo boogie made exclusively on analogue gear. Its been out a while now so grab it while you still can.

Pepe Bradock / Rhapsody in Pain // Atavisme - Does what it says on the tin, easily one of the most disturbing house tunes you will ever hear, and all the better for it!

Kromestar vs Hatcha / Ridick // Dub Steppers UK - Having been quite excited by Kromestar last year I have to admit I've felt a tad let down by his releases this year. They have all seemed to be a bit 'safe'. It's clear from this release all he needed was Hatcha to kick him into shape. One of the best records I have heard this year, dubwise or otherwise.

Basic Channel and Maurizio - er, bit of a cop out this one. I noticed the other week that these have all been repressed again. I know they do it about once a year but seriously if you don't own any of this gear, do yourself a favour and go to the bank, take out a loan and buy the entire back catalogue. The CD comps really don't do these seminal tracks justice.

That is all for now, have a good weekend!


Blogger Sell By Dave said...

Thanks to all the TAPE crew who came down to best before: on Friday - it was a fantastic party. Particular thanks to Rich and Chris for being a part of it and playing such great records. Cheers guys!

Roll on May 25th :)

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really like that kerri chandler...and must check out the move d release. so much good moodymann style stuff at the moment, Break SL's "Flow" on Philpot is incredible, plus John Daly's recent stuff on Plak and Wave...

9:47 PM  
Blogger Puffin Jack said...

ronan- I will have to check those out, plus of course the new Theo Parish triple pack, wa-hey!

sell by - Friday was rocking, and I got away with playing that Keith Jarrett, marvelous!

11:25 AM  
Anonymous porn said...

ronan- I will have to check those out, plus of course the new Theo Parish triple pack, wa-hey!.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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