Friday, November 17, 2006

This is a local club for local DJs...

Next Thursday sees TAPE curate the second room at Monkey Knife Fight's DFA special down at Timbuk2, so I thought I'd give you a heads up about the people that we've chosen to join us in our mission to kick Shit Robot and The Juan Maclean's respective arses. First up we've got Crash resident Al Dare, who's been plying his trade in the Bristol club scene for a good few years know. He first started putting on nights at the Arc Bar three years back at his Mixed Business night, where the musical policy of 'there is no musical policy' stuck out like a supermodel in a leper colony in Bristol's then stale club scene. Crash is his indie-electro night with a difference, where he'll often be seen Abletoning the living fuck out of his own remixes whilst dancing in his trademark 'controlled flailing' style. Seriously - it has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Anyway, Al's been kind enough to donate a few of his edits to put up on here, so get downloading and ready your bedroom dance moves for the jackin' stylings of Al Dare.

The Futureheads - Worry About It Later (Al Dare Half Done Refix) // CD-R
If you thought the Switch mix of this was a little too straight up and boring, this is the mix for you. Short and sweet wonkiness is the order of the day in this admittedly half finished rejig. [EDIT: Someone seems to have taken offence to the fact that I didn't mention that this is a 'refix' of the Switch version. I sort of assumed people would know that, but there you go...]

Vandalism - Never Say Never (Al Dare Remix) // CD-R
Scuzzy electro-house with a sleazy yet cheeky vocal line. The farty bassline is absolutely massive and is sure to set the crowd off at the right sort of night.

Chromeo - Breathe (Al Dare Edit) // CD-R
Porno disco with an injection of silicone funk - I can definitely see Tim Sweeney really enjoying this.

Also on the bill is under_score resident Microman (cheers to under_score and Normalise's Luke Malcher for the comedy picture above), who can be seen down at Cosies laying down quality techno and getting the crowd into his trademark 'freak zone'. At the recent Sleeparchive show, our Micro played the most diverse set of all the DJs (Jackson's remix of M83 and Mr Oizo's 'Half An Edit' were just two of the many highlights) and we thought that he'd be the ideal choice to accompany us at MKF. He's also cutting his production teeth with 30hz (Vertical Sound) under the name Emptyset, and their first release is upcoming on the Future Days label sometime in the next couple of months. Here's an exclusive taster of both sides - techno that'll certainly have you in the 'freak zone' when you hear it out.

Emptyset - Acuphase (Clip) // Future Days
Emptyset - Resilient (Clip) // Future Days

Don't forget my good self and the Puffin, who'll be propping up the bill (and the bar...) with our usual wildstyling antics. If you haven't downloaded it already, make sure that you grab Puffin's dubstep mix below. Even if you think you might not be into the sound, I'm pretty sure that you'll be pleasantly surprised. Until then, have a good weekend, and if you're down at under_score (at Cosies on Portland Square) on Saturday night for the frankly stupendous Errorsmith (Smith'n'Hack/MMM) we'll see you there!

Errorsmith - 'Le Trilliardaire' mix


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you stopped posting mp3s? (apart from mixes and edits)
Did the bad man from Phonica threaten to beat you up?

10:28 AM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

See below. There's one! And yes, Simon actually kicked seven shades of shit out of Mr Soft after the last Mutant Pop. He's still recovering in hospital - that's obviously why he's been taking an extended hiatus from the blog.

Sarcasm aside, we are still posting mp3s - just not being as ridiculous with posting up new stuff, and having a bit of respect for new labels. Also, it's general time constraints that stop me from putting up loads of mp3s. Once I've done the radio show, and other bits and bobs (including the encoding of all the mixes), there's very little time for me to hold down a full time job and still manage to have a life. We will try and get more mp3s up here, but it'll probably be better once Softie gets his arse in gear and starts posting properly.

But in answer to your question, no - see below for the Alexi Deland & Xpansul track.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I enjoy your ramblings on the blog, so a decline in the mp3s isn't a problem.


11:13 AM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Don't worry about it mate - like I said, we'll be kicking it up a gear once the Softness gets back on here. In spite of our drought of mp3s but regular 2 hour radio shows, some people have been recording the radio shows on Viva to mp3. It should be pretty easy to do - scroll down the comments for instructions for how to do it.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the MP3's Rich. Those Emptyset tasters a fucking excellent! Cant wait to hear more.

5:54 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

i've been loving the viva radio nice to tune into when i get home after work, cook dinner, relax and hear something new.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Cheers M. It's always nice to know that someone's listening and enjoying it! Next week the theme is long songs, most of them being 20 minutes plus. All stone cold classics, so I'm sure you'll enjoy that one as well.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

And Murph - those Emptyset tunes are great, aren't they? To be honest, I'd heard that they were great but I wasn't expecting them to be that level of quality. Really nice quirky drops n'all. Lovely stuff!

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Al Dare remix of Worry About It Later is not a remix of the Futureheads. It is an edit of the remix Switch did for them. I don't care of its only half done, it's still incorrect and hiding behind another producers talent. Call it a Switch Remix Edit, if you will but no sir, you did not remix that. If you're gonna call it a Futureheads remix, do it from scratch.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Ooh.. handbags at dawn! I assumed that people would know that anyway, but I'll change it to avoid any confusion.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The clarity on that last response is appreciated. Sorry if the tone was too aggressive (lil' trashed). I was hoping to hear a new remix, but mostly concerned with people getting the wrong idea. There are many DJ's and non blogger types who still have not heard of Switch (or his alter egos for that matter). The next M.I.A. album will probably change that.

3:11 AM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Don't worry about it matey. He's doing the new M.I.A. is he? First I've heard of that... Should be interesting, but I hope that he doesn't lay down his standard fidget template on every track!

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:56 PM  

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