Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weekend without make-up

So. Thursday. The weekend's nearly upon us. Not nearly enough, sure, but nearly. Seems appropriate to get the party radar on...

As I mentioned yesterday, anyone kicking around London could worse than to pop into Phonica around 8pm tonight, where La Boca, responsible for DC Recordings' suitably off-the-wall sleeve art, will be launching their 'Death Before Distemper' exhibition, which runs for the next couple of weeks. Why hang about, though, when tonight you get a Padded Cell DJ set in the bargain?

Anyway, then there's the Phonica 3rd Birthday party at The Key on Friday - me and Carnage and will both be in attenance, so if you spy a bespectacled lanky indian and a big-haired lanky cracker gurning in unison, chances are you've spotted us. Do say hello, if you're the kind of person who likes to say hello. Anyway, Henrik Schwarz live, Jonny Rock, Locodice, Peter Herbert, Konrad Black (pictured), Heidi and the Rigg, among others. Check yesterday's post for details, or visit the Phonica site (link on the sidebar).

If I'm alive on Saturday, I might brush off the minimal cobwebs with a visit to The Social, where Nottingham's Riotous Rockers ("Give Boggy a wave and he'll play rave...") are joined by Mock & Toof, of Tiny Sticks and Lycra Virgin fame. I neglected to mention that M&T will indeed be helming the first 12" DFA's new imprint, Death From Abroad - can't wait for that. Anyway, hear that and loadsa other electro-disco shiz by heading down to A.S.B.O. on Sat night. Check for more.

Finally, Sunday sees Casper Fluokids sails his Bloggers' Delight night to the Lock Tavern's shores. The Skull Juice boys will be behind the decks, alongside James Headphonesex, Kissy Sell-Out and Den from Our Disco. I hear that they have some Gallic guests who will be ensuring there's plenty of the math, and don't miss it. Check www.myspace/bloggersdelight for the full line-up.

Mp3s coming soon, I promise


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