Friday, September 15, 2006

Run the road

I'm out of town this weekend, heading to Dorset for the End of the Road festival - a little break from things techy and electro-ey, though I can imagine after the second day of relentless singer-songwriter types I'll be itching to smoke some crack and listen to Plastikman. Still, I need a holiday, and that means a holiday even from the music I love; my walkman, which I filled w/ mp3s this morning for the weekend ahead, has NO 4x4 on it but rather fifty indie classics from my not-so-distant youth - for relaxation, you see.

The My My album is so sick you're not going to believe it; I promise I'll preview one or two of the tracks in the coming week. Truth is, I've got a backlog of mp3s I want to share with you, but until I get the internet installed at home, i have to write these posts on the sly at work, where audio isn't really an option. For all those of you thirsting for tracks, I'm sorry, normal service will be resumed eventually.

Anyway, coming in the next fortnight, all being well, we have guest TAPEr's charts from Philip Sherburne and Tim Sweeney, interviews with Mathew Jonson, My My and Heidi, a mix from Matthew Styles and, yes, some bloody mp3s. Have a good weekend.


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