Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Love is in the air

I won't say anything more about the Phonica party, save to extend my own vote of thanks to Simon, Heidi et al for putting on a fucking enjoyable party. I second Carnage on all points really; from the brilliance of Konrad Black's set to the elbows-out unpleasantness of the Key dancefloor. It was a splendid night, all in all; roll on next year's offering...

While poor Richard had to leave my flat at 630am the next morning, in order that he could the bus back to Bristol to go to work, I was fortunate enough to have the day off, and after a surprisingly unropey afternoon, a film and, yep, a game of scrabble, I was feeling more than energetic enough to head down to the Social with my flatmates, so head down to the Social with my flatmates I did. It wasn't just a random excursion; Nottingham's Riotous Rockers were hosting the A.S.B.O. night. You may remember that Pete RR is also one half of Nightmoves, who we've been championing in these pages for as long as I can remember...Anyway, I really enjoyed their tunes, sensing that they were taking advantage of the open-minded crowd to play more techy bits than they normally would (I remember Ananda's 'Ihre Personliche..." coming out, much to my delight and surprise...). Their guest spinner for the evening was Mock (pictured above), of Mock & Toof/Tiny Sticks/DFA fame. He played a really measured, loveable set of druggy, poppy and occasionally, er, hippety-hoppy disco that was exactly what the doctor ordered after my minimal binge the night before. Splendid chap n'all...He'll be paying his TAPE dues with a headline set at our Mutant Pop night on the 6th October, and told me that he's looking forward to playing some harder electronic sounds for us. Can't wait. I realized yesterday, for reasons I won't get into, that I have to be in Cheltenham til 10.30pm on that night. Cheltenham is only a 45min train journey from Bristol, but I can already see myself running around like a sweaty Benny Hill in time to make the man's midnight slot...But make it I will.

Anyway. Coming your way very shortly (as in, like, now): a current top 10 from My My. And, sooner than you think, some bloody mp3s...

Enjoy Tuesday; life only feels this shit once a week....


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