Saturday, September 23, 2006

Chin Strokers United

Hello all, its been ages since I last wrote blah blah blah... Suffice to say, much has been changing in my little world of Bristol. I recently lost my job at one of the few remaining record shops in town following its closure. We were no longer able to compete with anything, either in Bristol (Fopp = Scum) or the net. So no more of the legendary Replay, no more weird 2nd hand bargains, obscuro Lightning Bolt releases, slighty shady looking Rolling Stones bootlegs and of course my own little techno corner! Thanks to anyone who ever came in and gave us your custom. I would like to say at this point, anyone who lives in this city, please please please support Rooted Records, we can't let another one go. Maybe rather foolishly plans are already afoot to set up some kind of music retail thingy with my boy October, so watch this space for further details...

Aside from all that just wanted to give anyone in Bristol a quick heads up on a few things. Tonight Bristol gets a techno exclusive from the mighty master of reductionism, Sleeparchive. I've been looking forward to this for ages. You'll find yours truly on the bill along with the under_score residents and Jay Curnock and Pat Bolton. Its all happening at the tube, Massive Attack's fine 100-150 capacity venue. Things are kicking off at 9pm and rollin all the way through to 6am. Door tax is a few quid and i'd get there early, avoid disapointment and all that. If that isn't enough for you tomorrow sees the launch of the newest and most self conciously chin stroking techno night in Bristol. The night is called Normalise and is being run by the lovely Luke Melcher, he of under_score fame. Its at a relatively new bar called Hush Hush, which is just by the arches on Gloucester Road. Things kick off at 6pm, meaning enough time to have a disco nap after Sleeparchive, and go on til 11pm, how very civil! Joing myself and him on the night will be Joe and Harry from the esteemed West Country Shakedown, specialists in all things electro and italo and that type of thing. Expect deep disco, Chicago house and Detroit experiments all delivered in a suitably snobbish manner! oh, and its free...

Also just better say, check out the Carnage mix below as it looks really good. I honestly don't know where he gets the time, he's been working like a dog recently so fair play to that man. May I also recommend Mr Soft's interview with the mainman of Bristol Dubstep, DJ Pinch - scroll down to check it out. I'm getting a computer soon so hopefully i'll be able to blurb on here in a more frequent manner, bad grammar and all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

chin stroking? - the only thing ive been stroking at normalise is my neeples!

sexual humming 4eva

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