Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mmm Pop

Hey ho, everyone! Softie still hasn't got round to regaling you all with his tales of Sonar gone by, so you've still got that to look forward to, but don't forget about our Mutant Pop night this weekend. Local entertainment rag Venue have chosen our night as the 'big night' of the week - here's the article in full:
Venue Magazine - 14-23 July
"The Big Night - Mutant Pop"

What do you get when you take two of Bristol's sadly departed dance nights and cram them into the sweaty confines of the Arc Bar? Mutant Pop - that's what.

Sounding rather like a night you'd expect to see Wolverine and co busting shapes at, this brainchild from the crews behind eclectic dance night Tape and techno outing Vagisness is something of a sprightly newcomer to Bristol scene with just four events under its belt so far, but already there's enough evidence to suggest that a bright future is on the cards. Tape's Chris Farrell tells us how it came about: "We met the Vagisness guys a couple of years ago and it seemed like we were the only people in Bristol that appreciated the whole Cologne/Berlin thing. At the start of the year, both our nights were homeless - they were without Level because it was closing and Tape had just left the Elbow Rooms - so it seemed like a good idea to pool our resources and do a collaborative night that took in a broader range of electronic music than just one of our nights could achieve."

With both crews bringing their own diverse tastes in house and techno to the table, what exactly can us punters expect music-wise from a typical Mutant Pop affair? "We're all big fans of electro-house and minimal techno, and as such they form the basis of our playlist." Chris goes on, "but with Mutant Pop we wanted to be free to play what we like, so we might spin some disco, old school acid house, electro-pop, broken beats and more abstract electronic sounds downstairs while the upstairs keeps it clubbier and more minimal."

While America's Butane and local boy October have graced the decks at previous events, this Friday sees a visit from Nottingham's Matt Waites - one half of the renowned Nightmoves production duo and a regular at the likes of Liars Club, Bugged Out, and Fabric. So what exactly will he be bringing to the party?

"Some people may remember Matt from a previous Tape night at the Elbow Rooms where he was absolutely phenomenal," Chris reckons. "He plays a heady mix of electro-house, rock'n'roll, punk-funk and tweakin' disco that never slips below maximum energy. If you enjoyed Erol Alkan's set at Robopop last month, then you'd best come and take note."

So there we have it, plenty of tasty four-to-the-floor action in store this coming Friday, and Chris is keen for you to head down and sample a piece of the action, whatever your social standing: "Expect a crowd that likes a bit of a boogie - whether they're gurners or geeks, beauties or freaks!"

We've also been asked to support one of my favourite producers from the past few years, but I'll keep that info under my hat for a little while yet. Anyway, here's the info for Friday - hope to see you down there!

Friday 14th June
The Arc Bar, Broad St, Bristol

MATT WAITES (Nightmoves / Kitsune / Liars Club)


Door tax: Free before 11, £3 after


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that photo of mike in venue mag, the headless wonder!

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay! Nice to see you got a write up in the Venue. You must be swelling with pride.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Oh yes. Our egos are certainly swelling! There were also bits and bobs in the Evening Post and Metro yesterday if you got hold of em.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Blackest said...

well, of course he didn't you knobshank, 'cos he doesn't live in bristol anymore!

but i agree, the ego is definitely swollen.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:42 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Boom. Matt absolutely smashed it by the way, and it was possibly our most successful night so far. Thanks to everyone for coming down and packing out the Arc, and also to Matt for coming down to play for us yet again. I'll chat about it properly in the next post, as I don't think that I'm in the right state to do it now!

9:58 AM  
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4:42 PM  
Anonymous porn said...

well, of course he didn't you knobshank, 'cos he doesn't live in bristol anymore!

10:01 PM  

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