Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Chart of Darkness

Mr Soft's Current Top 10

1. GABRIEL ANANDA - IHRE PERSONLICHE GLUCKSMELODIE (DOMINIK EULBERG REMIX) // KARMAROUGE I wasn't too sure about this when I first heard it, but I can now say with some certainty - BLINDER. Subtly building, with trancey elements galore, it's a winning move on Eulberg's part to retain the juicy riff that made the original such a dancefloor smash. But the real pay-off is the last two minutes of the track, where the melody dissolves into a phased, ravey synth hook that sounds like 1990 would've sounded if Eulberg had been making tunes back then...Amazing.

2. DONDOLO - DRAGON (SHIT ROBOT REMIX) // TINY STICKS There's a stylish Brennan Green mix, not to mention the competent original, on one side; but really you want to flip over for Shit Robot's storming rework. Put together in NYC by James Murphy and Marcus Lambkin, this track throbs and wobbles and wallops and builds and in doing so touches every base you'd conceivably want a Shit Robot remix of Dondolo's 'Dragon' to touch - detroit tech, wonky disco, messy punk-funk and all the rest. If you liked 'Wrong Galaxy', you'll love this; art-house at it's finest. Another week, another score for DFA - but credit to Tiny Sticks, fast proving themselves one of the UK's most significant labels.

3. MLLE CARO & FRANK GARCIA - FAR AWAY // CROSSTOWN REBELS Haven't yet heard the allegedly astounding Matthew Jonson and Jennifer Cardini mixes, but I'm all over the original, which kicks off Lazarus & Styles forthcoming Get Lost CD. Snappy tech-house with the kind of swoonsome vocal that summers are made of.

4. ADAM SKY - APE X // KITSUNE Possibly the silliest record I've heard so far this year, but also one of the best. Heavy, some would say otiose, synth riffage repeatedly gives way to a boundlessly joyful disco-funk breakdown before returning with renewed, acid-garnished vigour. Custom-made for Erol to have the Bugged Out! kids swinging from the rafters. So Kitsune.

5. HEIKO LAUX - MOVED (RICARDO VILLALOBOS REMIX) // KANZLERAMT Dust-gathering remix from 2000, back when 'Lobos was a little-known young buck on the microhouse scene. As such, it's a much trackier affair than his recent Cadenza stuff, more in tune with the minimal sounds we were digging last year than the organic meanderings of, say, 'Sieso'. File with that astonishing version of 'Elektrolatino' he did for Senor Coconut.

6. BOOKA SHADE - MOVEMENTS LP // GET PHYSICAL It's been a long time since those tracks were leaked back at the start of the year, but hopefully it won't diminish too much the impact of this pretty fine record's official release. Most of you probably know the deal - nine tracks on the vinyl, supplemented by new, but very much unexciting, edits of 'Body Language' and 'Mandarine Girl' on the CD. Still, for 12quid you can get your paws on current single 'Night Falls', 'Darko' and impending summer anthem 'In White Rooms' all beautifully packaged in a gatefold stylee.

7. RITON - ANGERMAN (RITON RE-RUB) //LINXFARREN The spirit of punk-funk lives on in the mind and music of Henry Riton, albeit with way more effects and a bit of 4x4 clout. Co-opting the drums he first unleashed on his staggering remix of Brazilian Girls' 'Don't Stop' (a Carnage fave), he lays down some woomp-woomp sub rhythms and even some trancey builds to riotous effect. It's like, there's a party in your toilet and everyone's invited. Sound.

8. ALEX SMOKE - NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN (ADA REMIX) // SOMA Typically emotive techno affair from the Areal doyenne; not quite as slushy as her 'Maps' mix but a bit of a tear-jerker nonetheless...Can't imagine how it would sound out, but I can see it soundtracking five of your bender's more delicate minutes.

9. HAPPY MONDAYS - TWISTIN' MY MELON MAN // UNKNOWN Unmissable double pack of hard-to-find edits and mixes, including pre-losing-the-plot Oakenfold's terrific version of 'Hallelujah' and the evergreen 'Step On'. A rare chance to fulfil all your Mondays needs in one go; can't vouch for the quality of this unofficial pressing, though, so watch out...

10. BURIAL - BURIAL CD // HYPERDUB Abstract dubstep fiend Burial eschews the obvious genre stylings on one of the underground's most feverishly anticipated albums, and instead takes you deep, deep, deep into stoner (sub)consciousness. This isn't so much dubstep as plain ol' dub, but modern sarf London style, with a big nod to Rhythm & Sound and 90s ambient (one track is actually a waterlogged compression of Eno's 'An Ending (Ascent)'). If you like it paranoid, super-slow and forward-thinking, this is your lucky day. Turned up loud as hell, it already sounds like a modern classic to me. Buy this disc and support people who manage to be this mad and get records made.

As always, get these tunes where you can - support your local if you've got one, otherwise Phonica (link on the sidebar) is pretty unbeatable for stock and ease. Artists got to eat and smoke and pay the rent, so buy the flamin' records! Coming soon: guest charts, new demos we've had sent in, a wee sample of the much-feted Burial CD and loads of other shit I haven't yet conceived.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see the blog is back in a big way!!!

4:06 PM  
Blogger Blackest said...

Cheers! Do you still want that Eulberg mix? If so leave your e-mail address here...

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure do.
I like that Skid (Touche Nu-Club Edit), damn!

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, I am mlle caro
I saw my track"far away" on your playlist, so thank you for your comment, it's so nice!!
See you

1:30 PM  
Anonymous porn said...

Cheers! Do you still want that Eulberg mix? If so leave your e-mail address here...

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