Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mutant what?

Yes, yes, yes, our new night MUTANT POP is on its way.

As Carnage says below, the night is a collaboration between TAPE (Puffin Jack, Mr Soft, Richard Carnage) and Vayge refugees Mike Bull & Gareth Watkins. It promises to be special.

Bull & Watkins have been tearing up Bristol nightlife since they alighted on the scene; they have the ears, skill and tenacity to turn ultra-skeletal minimalism into dancefloor demolition, and when they're on fire - well, there's nothing like it. By way of introduction, here's a link to no less than six of their CD mixes; including tracks by the likes of Magda, Luciano, Holden, Ryan Crosson, Wighnomy Bros, Pan-Pot, Stefan Goldmann, Argy, Butane and Fraktion, these mixes number among my all-time faves - and have provided exquisite accompaniment to some of my most unsettling post-club burnin' and gurnin' sessions. I don't have the tracklistings for all of them, so if you e-mail Mike at, I'm sure he'll be happy to supply you with what he can remember.

Seriously, do check them out, they're PROPER good.


Mike Bull's Current Top Five:

1. Layo & Bushwacka - Life2Live feat. Green Velvet (LocoDice Remix) // Olmeto
2. Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl (Konrad Black/Troy Pierce Heartthrob Mix) // Get Physical
3. LocoDice - Carthago // Cocoon
4. Magda - Dr Secret Tooth // Minus
5. Isolee - Djamel et Jamshid (Villalobos Edit) // Playhouse


Blogger martin said...

really like your blog! just wanted to tip you on mine (like i don't know it's forbidden) as i want to get some comments on a new remix i just posted... lots of love from sweden! kthxbye :)

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