Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mountain Language

One more day, and then my horrorseason of work is over. Though I've been posting a fair bit in these last two weeks, none of my blurts have been quite as inane and digressive as I like them to be; that will all change. I even had to miss a TAPE school trip to Our Disco on Saturday, Christ. Anyway, I'm just a febrile, piss-poor essay on 'The Simulacrum of On-Stage Violence' away from the notional freedom which for 340 -or-so days a year I've become accustomed to calling my own. I need some crack to celebrate. Which reminds me...Everyone half-decent loves dubstep/techy grime at the mo', and what with funds being limited (that is, -£1621) I'm investing more and more effort (yep, that ol' cash substitute) into finding good streams and mpthreed mixes where I can, will give you some hot tips in the coming days; in the meantime, here's dubstep's answer to Ghost Town (?), the smokey, brittle, reggaetonic sure thing that started the new wave for me and most similarly backward electro 'heads'. What the hell is wrong with us, eh?

Skream - Midnight Request Line // Tempa

Cheers to Alex E for sorting us out with this; and check out Skreamism Vol. 1 out on Tempa right this minute


Blogger hector23 said...

Man, I have been looking for this forever!

3:36 AM  
Blogger ::: hencha a.k.a. neon b. ::: said...

Well, probably I will sound as a kinda wierdo, but most of dubstep I find boring somehow... Just wonder why it's so big in London/UK. Skream, however, is a nice exception.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Blackest said...

neon, you're largely right - 99% of all the dubstep I've heard is rubbish. it's just nice to hear some electronic sounds which deviate from 4x4 and still hold my attention when i'm fucked. it's probably just a fad, but it's becoming de rigeur for electro/techno djs (in london) especially to drop a dubstep track or 3 admidst all the border community and playhouse. so you know, it adds a bit of colour AND the uk loves it 'cos it is uk.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Puffin Jack said...

my theory about dubstep is that all the producers are in the 18-28 age bracket, we are the generation that has grown up with ready access to skunk weed all the time. morning, noon and night! In the same way that taking loads of e and smoking rocks influenced jungle in the early 90's, skunk weed has had a profound effect on the really heavy and lethargic beats of dubstep. For some other good dubstep tunes check the digital mystikz and bristol boy, Pinch (the nicest man in dubstep!)

9:59 AM  
Blogger Blackest said...

the boy puffin is correct. it just sounds RIGHT.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Alex Egan said...

no probs mr soft, glad to help. also I highly recommend you check out vex'd, their album 'degenerate' is possibly the best dubstep/grime release ive heard yet

7:47 PM  
Blogger Blackest said...

aye aye alex bristol sound 'n all. shops at puffin's record shop. not checked him out yet, but please do e-mail me a ysi if you can be arsed

8:25 PM  
Blogger Benedict x said...

The problem with Dubstep, and well, I guess a lot of electronic music is that you need to hear it on a big system to like, really HEAR it, man, it's especially true with dubstep 'cos so much of it is frequencies that most speakers won't even play...Also, yes Pinch, his Qawwali tune is tres bon

11:10 AM  
Blogger ::: hencha a.k.a. neon b. ::: said...

You should be right - that's what I've been thinking - that on a good and lound soundsystem that bass should be soooo massive. Anyway, it's not too energetic, too danceable IMO, so skunk/weed thing gives some explanation actually. There's another thing - I wonder why they use so much of that gun trigger sound or whatever its called, after a while it gets annoying :)

6:57 PM  
Anonymous porn said...

the boy puffin is correct. it just sounds RIGHT.

10:21 PM  

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