Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ket Cemetary

You may remember me bigging up fledgling, UK-based label Tiny Sticks a couple of weeks ago. The track I posted in accompaniment, Baby Ford’s remix of ‘My Aeroplane Mania’ by Turner, was, as one of our astute readers pointed out, a re-licensing of a track which came out a while ago on Ladomat. It was, however, still ace. A moot point, anyway, ‘cos this month sees Tiny Sticks bringing out a brand new EP from Alex Kruger, aka Tigerskin (pictured above). I’ve always had a soft spot for the 'skin (apart from anything else, I love his name) – and the Acid Again EP on Brique Rouge which he did with Phonique is a fond nugget in my collection, while ‘Desperate Mouselives’, out at the end of last year on Opossum, also did the business at Tape Towers. Anyway, on 10th April, Tiny Sticks release the Get in Touch EP by Tigerskin, available at all the usual outlets. They’re a UK label whose early-days release manifesto suggests they’re definitely worth supporting and this track, which you’ll find on the flip of the new EP, is classic Tigerskin – nervy but tracky rhythms, subtly boompty bassline and a brazen, industrial synth hook. And, of course, it’s not short of the odd 303 squiggle.

Tigerskin - Car Cemetary // Tiny Sticks

The news, a while back, that Konrad Black would be re-rubbing Booka Shade’s almost comically huge/good ‘Mandarine Girl’ for uncertain purpose, was met with no small amount of suspicion by ol’ me. Well, this remix of ‘Mandarine Girl’ isn’t bad at all; in actual fact, Konrad teams up with minor legend Troy Pierce to get the job done, and it’s nice, though perhaps not the sum of its parts – but, you know, I’d rather have, as this is, a track that sounds like it could be a Loose Change B-side (the sound palette is straight outta ‘Kosovo’ via Black’s mix of Hiem) and nothing like ‘Mandarine Girl’, than a track that dared to keep the Mandarine melody AND tamper with the perfect beats and programming of the original (yes, I mean you, ‘Mandarine Girl (Album Version)’), or God forbid, a Steve Angello ‘reinterpretation’. Fuck that. So let’s be happy what we’ve got…it’ll rock the floor basically, but it’s not exactly epoch-defining like its daddy. That reminds me – has anyone got hold of the (as yet) unreleased Tiefschwarz mix of Lindstrom which I’ve been hearing around? It teases and teases and shows exquisite, dancefloor piquing daring by simply riding the original track minus the melodic, money-shot hook that made that original famous. I sometimes think Tiefschwarz’s unreleased mixes constitute their best work – Kelis’s ‘Trick Me’, the Lindstrom jobby and the vocal mix of ‘Ooh La La’ by Goldfrapp, which shits on the dub despite employing more or less exactly the same elements, are all stellar.

Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl (Konrad Troy Heartthrob Remix) // Get Physical

And don't forget to leave a comment on the post below with your favourite current listening for the forthcoming TAPER's chart. Sorry this is all a bit slipshod - nothing like 10,000 words on paratext and totalitarian violence to divert a man.

Oh, and here, I've posted it before, but check out Jeremy Caulfield's remix of Memo, one of the best minimal house tracks in christendom, bub

Memo - APN Jam (Jeremy P Caulfield's Der Mountaineagle Vom Lidl Remix) // Lan Muzic


Blogger webus loods said...

hello .. this is very strange title it seems maybe .. Lidl is discounts shop in germany and there beer is "bergadler" . this means mountain eagle .. Is this real ?

4:36 PM  
Blogger kevin said...

the tiefschwarz remix of lindstrom's "i feel space"is apparently a collab with turntable rocker and it is availabe at

5:20 PM  

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