Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This is 'Sticks

I want to say a few choice words about a truly up-and-coming London-based label, Tiny Sticks. Over the past couple of years Crosstown Rebels and Border Community have kept up blighty's reputation in the face of so much continental quality; and though it's early days, it looks as if Tiny Sticks might well be joining them in the aristocracy of electro-tech before the year is out...

The label has so far put out twelves by Wekan and Style of Eye (Classic/Freaks-affiliated), and commissioned remixes by Kango's Stein Massiv (MBF wonky disco specialist) and Berlin-based Tigerskin, whose releases over the last couple of years have been making waves (his stuff for Dessous, and the Phonique collaboration 'Acid Again' on Brique Rouge are the ones for me). The point is, the Tiny Sticks people clearly have an eye, and an ear, for quality and are steadily building up a catalogue to be proud of...With forthcoming EPs from Huggotron and Tigerskin scheduled, the imprint's current release comes from Turner. Now I'm not sure about this, but I'm guessing that this is the same Turner who provided vocals for Drama Society's smashes 'Crying Hero' and 'Crescendo'...Anyway, the single 'My Aeroplane Mania' is released on Feb 27th; remixes come from Martinez (who seems to get better every time he enters a studio), Lawrence and Baby Ford. It's the latter I have for you here today, with Perlon/Minimal Man legend Ford taking the original into deep, almost downbeat, fidgety techno-dub territories (bit of a mouthful, that); rest assured the quality is high. The Martinez mix is rude too, so support this small, homegrown label and buy the 12" from Phonica or any of the usual outlets as of next week.

Check the Tiny Sticks' website; in a world where the cover design of DE9 Transitions is actually real and not just a horrible joke, their lo-fi aesthetic is definitely to be applauded.

Turner - My Aeroplane Mania (Baby Ford Mix) // Tiny Sticks


Blogger ciaran said...

this is essentially a re-issue though isn't it. the original, and lawrence mixes came out on ladomat 4 years ago along with one from kanzleramt's alexander kowalski.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Blackest said...

...did not know that ciaran; well-spotted. I suppose that's how Tiny Sticks are starting out, licensing tunes they already know and like - they've got fresh commission coming from Tigerskin etc soon, so I'll reserve my judgement till then

take care

11:31 AM  

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