Friday, February 10, 2006

Something for the weekend...

Hello y'all it's me Puffin Jack back for some blogging action!

After a refreshing trip to London (see Mr Carnage's previous blog), where people actually like all this tehno gubbins, i'm feeling somewhat more inspired about being a dj in this game. Seeing people properly wiggin' out on a Monday night to some seriously stinky tunes has that effect on a cynic I guess. Just as well really because tommorow (11/2/06) night i'm hooking up with me mates the 'Under_Score' boys for some serious spinning shenanigans down Cosies Wine Bar. For the last year or so these guys have been putting on some really interesting electronic events around and about Bristol. Previous guests have included Sutekh, Si-Cut.DB and Dave Miller. Next up is the mighty Secondo. If I was cleverer and more adept at this computing stuff i'd post some MP3's but as it is you'll just have have to believe me when I say this guy is making some of the most interesting quirky, cut up house around. Recording for the likes of Soul Jazz and his own Dreck imprint Secondo has been glefully cutting up old disco tracks and splicing them back together again in a Frankenstein stylee for a few years now. Notable examples being his masterfull reworking of George Benson's 'Give Me the Night' and Grace Jones' 'Libertango'. Anyway, suffice to say i'm sure he's going to be well good. Other dj's on the night are Jim Petherwick (the minimal master), Microman (doom metal entusiast), Louis Digital (don't know him) and myself, Puffin Jack. I'm quite hyped up as it's been a great week for picking up new tunes. My colleague Ben at Replay Records has somehow managed to get about 30 new tunes this week and i'm not far behind! New releases on Dubsided, Freerange, Traum and Raw Fusion have all impressed, as has the new Duplex LP on Clone, which is very, very good. Also props to Bristol's finest house label the mighty NRK, who sorted Ben and I out with some of their lovely hoodies on the cheap. We now look like the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of Park Street!

P.S. Door tax is £2, things kick off around 9ish.
P.P.S. Not sure how to put pictures on this thing, i think there might be a picture of some nuns looking dodgy...


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