Saturday, January 21, 2006

When in Germany, do as Germans do

Another hour, another bunch of prime cuts from the inexhaustible womb of European electronic goodness.

Kompakt's K2 offshoot has been totally justifying its existence of late with star turns from Gui Boratto, Hug and Robert Babicz. I didn't get on with the recent Florent 12", but things seem to be cooking nicely again with this latest offering on the imprint, devoutly tracky minimalism from wonderfully-named Scandium man Bastien Grine. I guess it lacks the melodic flourish which we've come to expect from Kompakt's finest produce, but I've no doubts that this'll sound ace on the world's finer soundsystems.

Bastien Grine - Pastel // K2

Jeff Samuel (pictured above) is one of Trapez's longest-serving and most consistent producers, but his work was overshadowed in 2005 by stonking productions on the Cologne-based label by the likes of Oliver Hacke and Patrice Baumel. It's Samuel, though, who heads up what I imagine will be another very good year for Trapez; 'Bork' is energetic, slippery techno with plenty of bounce and a kinetic, wobbly riff that will no doubt make a lot of sense to an addled brain at 5am.

Jeff Samuel - Bork // Trapez

Get Physical had a supernaturally fine innings in '05. The flagship releases from Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T (pictured inset) have already entered the canon of impeccable noughties tanzmusik, and I imagine there's plenty good yet to come. DJ T's new 12", 'Ambush', is illustrative of what's good and bad about the Get Physical sound right now. On the plus side, the production is blissful (check out those weird xylophone noises); on the minus, everything they come out with is going to be measured against 'Mandarine Girl', 'Body Language', 'Funk On You' etc - and unless they're actually from another planet, there going to have their work cut out living up to the impossible standards which they themselves have set. Still, this subtle, melodious acid workout is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, come to think of it, it's pretty fucking excellent.

DJ T - Stalker // Get Physical

Gomma's 'Gommagang 3' compilation is heralded by a nice new twelve from Hiltemeyer Inc and Parker Frisby. It's Frisby, aka Oliver Koletzki (author of the mighty 'Muckenschwarm' on Cocoon), who pulls it out of the bag - solid punk-funk that has dancefloor written all over its grubby face. I really like this; and if my GCSE German is correct (which it almost certainly isn't), the title translates as 'When I'm In A City I Never Sleep'.

Parker Frisby - Weil Ich In Einer Stadt Aufwache Die Niemals Schlaft // Gomma

Finally, a little something from Canadian Mike Shannon, who came to my attention with his recent EP on Vancouver's peerless Wagon Repair. This track was on the Stadtmusik: Toronto mini-compilation 12" put out by German label Onitor, and soundwise has something in common with the work of everyone's favourite Toronto k-house ambassador, Jeremy Caulfield. Twitching rhythms, Detroity keys with all the soul/jazz artfully processed out of them, etc, etc. Pretty decent, I'd say.

Mike Shannon - Irreversible // Onitor


Blogger Greg said...

Nice to see some respect given to Wagon Repair. Konrad Black's stuff is awesome.

1:08 AM  
Blogger _tom_ said...

The right translation is: "Cause I wake up in a city that never sleeps"
BTW: Great blog, just discovered it.

7:44 PM  

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