Monday, January 16, 2006

True Love Waites

Nottingham-based Matt Waites is a resident DJ with Liars Club and Bugged Out!. He's also an honourary Taper, having played two sets dramatic as much for the off-decks action as the skill & quality of his jocking (my highlight of his last visit was Matt throwing a coked-up bonehead of a punter's CD across the club and then hiding behind those famed pillars of strength for protection: Puffin, Rich & myself). But when he's not insulting Bristolians and playing devastatingly good electro/punk-funk/acid sessions, he's also a budding young producer, being courted by Serge Santiago, Matt Tolfrey & Breastfed Records with considerable interest... Under his Dangerflirt moniker he's already knocked out a winning mix of Simian Mobile Disco's 'The Count', and now he's worked over Hot Chip's schmanthem 'Over & Over' into an buzzing electro-houser that (crucially) keeps the original's melody intact- a task at which Naum Gabo, for me, failed horribly....I'm not sure if this is going to get whited at some point, but for now, enjoy one of your favourite indie boons being acidified by the one and only Dangerflirt. Matt will be joining us for a set at TAPE at the end of February, details below and to follow. You can check his current top 10 at the Liars Club site.

Hot Chip - Over & Over (Dangerflirt Edit) // CDR


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