Monday, January 23, 2006

There's a bit of Sendermentality in all of us...

All these posts and I don't think the Sender label's even had a look in yet. So it must be about time! Last year Sender released Misc.'s 'Like Morning In Your Eyes' LP. Yes, the title makes it sound like it's going to be a Bergen White homage, but in reality it's skittish micro-techno that only those damn efficient Germans could bring us. Misc. are made up of Christopher Bleckmann and Hannes Wenner, two guys who met working in a video store and started off making drum and bass records. They've moved on leaps and bounds from those dark ages and now they take influences from multiple electronic genres to produce the ultra wonky mecha-noise that they've got going on now. Frequenztraeger's got it all; the throbbing sub-bass, that fat kick accompanied by those overlapping tinny patterns, but it's the ridiculously fuzzy, jagged synths that really take the biscuit. Sehr gut!

Misc - Frequenztraeger // Sender

Next up is the latest release on Jesse Rose's Made To Play label. Buckley started making him name as a resident DJ, firstly at Renaissance back in '92, before going on to reside at Manchester's legendary Hacienda. Now he's found his home at the Back To Basics night in Leeds and managed to get Paul Woolford to engineer for him! 'Block Party' is unmistakably the work of Woolford and in many ways conveys the production aesthetic of his recent white label release, 'Erotic Discourse'. The fantastic squidgy, pulsating effects are all there, but it's backed up with a monster of a synth riff that really makes the tune what it is. A record that'll be in mine and Puffin's boxes for a long time... To quote Mr Jack, "Proper house music!"

Buckley - Block Party // Made To Play


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