Friday, January 27, 2006

Return of the Puffin

Hello once again, thought it was about time to post again...

There's been a plethora of good tunes released so far this year, Kiran and Rich have been really on it, highlighting some great releases, props to them for that! That new Jeff Samuel in particular is certainly very tasty. That deceptive Herbert-like beat, dropping in to some meaty sub bass, with a few bleeps providing the icing on the cake - right up my street. I think I like that new Dirk Leyers thing on My Best Friend, got it yesterday, but i'm still not totally convinced. The amount of house/techno i've been exposed to recently has left my ears somewhat fried and my brain bewildered! Due to this fact i thought it would be more appropriate to bang on about some other stuff (in a Mr Soft stylee) that i've been feeling recently.

Still getting heavy rotation on the Replay Records stereo is Robert Lippock and Barbara Morgenstern's 'Tesri' album from last year. Lovely Berlin style electronica, song based with nuff guitar and piano. Lots of variety, even goes a bit R'n'B in places. A thoroughly good listen. It's on Monika, get it on Boomkat or come and buy it from me if you're in Bristol.

The recent Moving Shadow represses have been reminded me of my enduring love for old jungle and breakbeat hardcore. I remember first listening to this kind of stuff on tape packs that my mates Pete and Yeatsey used to play. Getting stoned and driving round the countryside we listened to this kind of gear a lot. Check out the Kaotic Chemistry, Cosmo and Dibs, Deep Blue and Renegade represses. Old skool quality all round!

What are your feelings on Heaven 17? I've been enjoying the 'Penthouse and Pavement' album, saw it in a charity shop for a quid, bought it for 'Fascist Groove Thing' and have found it to be immensely enjoyable. The odd dodgy vocal here and there, but also a few tracks I would certainly play out!

In the small hours of morning as i'm drifting off, the sound of Cluster's 'Zuckerzeit' is exactly what I need to hear to induce some good sleep. Made in 1974 or summat this is some seriously lovely stuff. Mates with Eno and Neu!, Cluster were dabbling with electronix before most and produced some truly amazing records. Very hushed and dreamy, well worth checking.

If anyone in Bristol fancies spending their Saturday night listening to a truly eclectic mix of party tunes, surrounded by nice people, head down to Cosies Wine Bar in St Pauls tommorrow for Bristol's best kept secret, Big Ting! Now in it's fifth year this long running night has thrived by having the 'Baddest Selection'. Expect all styles from 50's R'n'B through to modern stuff, bit of reggae, disco maybe even some mellow breakcore. DJ's on the night Jay le Surgeon, NZA da Baron, Inlove, and myself, Puffin Jack. Door tax is £2.


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