Sunday, January 22, 2006

Poker Flat start the year as I imagine they mean to go on, with a sizzling pair o' cuts from label boss Steve Bug. Deep tech-house in a Chardronnet vein, this isn't as impressive as Bug's stately re-version of Sian's 'Sei' on the last PF, but it's still pretty smart.

Steve Bug - Smackman // Poker Flat

Meanwhile, Shane Berry (pictured above) takes time out from his busy TV/panto/theatre/smack schedule (his recent portrayal of Scrooge in a nationwide tour was described by Phonica as "majestic'') to drop a sturdy bit of minimal for the Trapez Limited series. No great surprises, but classy sounds nonetheless.

Shane Berry - Fillertet 2 // Trapez Ltd


Blogger Sveinbjorn said...

I really enjoy your selection of music!

One tiny gripe: Isn't Yousendit better for sharing the music? Rapidshare is so fiddly and time consuming.

Appart from that, thank you very much for the great music, and keep up the good work!


7:06 PM  

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