Thursday, January 12, 2006

Papa's got a brand new Smagghe

I'm heading off for a little jaunt to the T-Bar in London tonight - Ivan Smagghe (above) and Andrew Weatherall are playing for the princely sum of £0.00...I'll be back tomorrow, and I'll spend my comedown working out how to post mp3s properly, rather than the dead links and horrible bits of code I've been busting up till now. Note: the URLs do work, but just clicking on them won't - you'll have to copy and paste 'em.

Anyway, Richard Carnage will be co-piloting this blog as of tomorrow, and putting up his latest mix for your delight - as well as being a quality DJ, he knows his way around html and such things, so he should be making things a bit more spick and span at T A P E.

On a Smagghe theme, here's the new Black Strobe track, which is, frankly, rubbish. Judge for yourself...

Download: Black Strobe - Shining Bright Star

And here's something proper good, came out a while back on Get Physical - namely Luciano's mix of 'Migracion' by Lopazz. Really nice.

Download: Lopazz - Migracion (Luciano Chameleon Mix) // Get Physical


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