Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Our love never dies

Fucking hell, did you see It's Me Or The Dog on Channel 4 tonight? Surely the dad (pictured) was acting... Surely it was a wind-up? I mean, he essentially let his dog ELECTROCUTE him (and is it just me, or was his son Kieren Hebden of Four Tet fame?). Either way, the man's a fucking joker, a slapstick hero, an instant TV icon - click here for a clip of his antics. I say give him his own series. God knows they probably will.

While we wait for the 21st century's first great TV commissioning decision, here's some badass mp3s for you. First up a golden nugget from Ada on Areal, 'Our Love Never Dies'. This first came to my attention when Erol Alkan popped it on his Bugged Out! selection last year. It's a relentless, monolithic slab of electro for those of firm consitution which builds a peachy melody out of all kinds of rogue elements - a classic, make no mistake. I don't know much about the second record, other than that it's a Sweatshop remix of Markus Lange on Belgium's Dirty Dancing Records: undulating, vocal electro-house in an '04 style. And good for it.

Ada - Our Love Never Dies // Areal

Markus Lange - Strange Smile (Sweatshop Remix) // Dirty Dancing


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