Tuesday, January 24, 2006

(Not) Spinning my Headman

Unless I'm seriously mistaken, this new Headman track, featuring vocals by The Rapture's Matty Safer, is rubbish. I mean, it's alright, but - I get the feeling that complacency is setting in on both these able players. Headman seems to think that any bog-standard punk-funk (less o' the punk these days) workout will do, given that countless knobends like myself will buy his records regardless (not this time..); Matty clealry thinks it's OK to just, like, say, like, whatever - in this tune, mainly the words 'ooh' and 'ah' arrythmically. I'm being a bit harsh (the title, 'Balearica', gets us off on the wrong foot) but what can you do when a collaboration between two such talented people results in this limp, boneeless lil' shrimp? Give me a solid tune or a solid groove, and we'll do business. Here you give me neither. 'Warning Siren' was about the only good thing on the Tiefschwarz album, and it was blinding....so what the hell is this? God bless you Headman, and God bless you Safer, but for His sake - sort your fucking shit out!

Headman feat. Matty Safer - Balearica // Unknown


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