Monday, January 23, 2006

Don't techno for an answer

Christ, being a student... I've not done any work as yet today, but I have managed to procure a packet of fags, and given my current state of pennilessness, believe you me it felt like work. But don't hate me for my state-funded inactivity (I hate myself already); I'm going to use this afternoon to hoist some fine tracks up from my collection and post them here for you - the great, the good - to download free & easy. I feel obliged at this point to suggest you buy the odd record. After all, not much of what I post is the progeny of bloodsucking majors; the talented producers and bands featured herein need, and deserve, our money. Most of what I post can be purchased, for a time, at Phonica, City16 or Juno, but you know, support your local if you have one.

I promised you some Tigerskin earlier, and who am I to disappoint? AKA Alex Kruger, I still rate Tigerskin most for his 'Acid Again' EP on Brique Rouge with Dessous mainstay Phonique. That came out two (?) years ago, and I haven't been struck by much else he's done until recently, with a slew of releases bearing his name doing the business for me, and then some.. First came 'Desperate Mouselives' on Opossum, then the 'Stone Engine' EP on Lebensfreude. It's the B-side from the latter that I've got for you here - liquid electro-tech with nice hooks.

Tigerskin - Mother // Lebensfreude

Next up, a track from Audiomontage, better known as Ninja Tune-affiliated jazz-botherer Jimpster, real name Jamie Odell. An outlet for his housier leanings, he records as Audiomontage for Freerange, whose success with Solid Groove etc has, I think, led them to realize the profit to be made from pandering slightly to the open-minded electro set. No complaints on our side, especially when they're coming out with diamonds like SG's mix of 'Can't Get Away From Your Love' and this sublime piece of ultra-modern, deep house, with moody keys and plenty of snack, crackle and pop to balance; you could imagine it fitting snugly into a Peter Kruder 4x4 set. There seems to be a real return to these deeper, slightly more soulful cuts of late, and I'm happy with that, so long as the world doesn't fall for it wholesale. For god's sake keep the dirt alive.

Audiomontage - Bounce 2 The Ounce // Freerange

I'm pretty big on Jeremy Caulfield at the moment...The Toronto native has a really sticky sound that's at once meandering psychedelically al over the shop and driving purposefully into the night. It's no wonder that he's moved to Germany and got Kompakt to distribute his fine label, Dumb-Unit - I imagine the Cologners are mad hungry for this. A remix of Memo on Berlin's Lan Muzic is my cited example of Caulfield's talents - top-notch techno for head and haunches alike.

Memo - APN Jam (Der Mountaineagle vom Lidl Mix by Jeremy P Caulfield) // Lan Muzic

Yeah, so Mobilee is quietly blowing up these days and rightly so (their insignia alone suggests quality)...As Carnage's posting of Anja Schneider & Sebo K (somewhere below) underlines, these kids are pulling off a mean feat across their few releases: keeping things rampantly minimal, while working the pads and percussion enough to induce hypnotic dancefloor mayhem. It takes skill, but more importantly, an intuitive grasp of what works - and the Mobilee lot have it. This track, 'Black Currant' by Pan-Pot, is also featured on Mike Bull's latest mix, which you can download somewhere in this blog (have a look, you lazy fuck). Their remix of Schaffhauser's 'Lost Vox' on Ware is also worth checking out, should you feel inclined.

Pan-Pot - Black Currant // Mobilee


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