Saturday, January 21, 2006

Don't Look Back (like Dylan in the movies)

Hello there, it's me the Puffin here for my first time blog! Much as the news that we'd lost our monthly residency knocked me sideways, i can't help but think that it's got to be a good thing. Change is good, keeps you on your toes, like. Let me assure you that plans are already afoot for our next move, and it looks set to be a right techno fest.

If anyone fancies an eclectic mix of disco/dub/boogie/electronix head down to Mr Wolf's (off corn street in bristol city centre) this Sunday night to check myself and fellow selectas Clarkson and Fred Savage Jr (only if you want to Chris!) spinning at our monthly night Frosch. Entry is free, and there's noodles and everything!


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