Monday, January 16, 2006

Chile, Winston

I’ve chatted a fair amount of shit about Luciano and Villalobos in this blog, so I feel its only fair to turn our attentions to Pier Bucci, the Chilean minimalist who hates being lumped with his equally talented technoid countrymen. Bucci is one of Damian Lazarus’s best signings, and his consistently sharp offerings on Crosstown Rebels are a pleasure to behold. The big track off his recent LP Familia, ‘L’Nuit’, has recently been reworked by Dominik Eulberg, though I’m not sure what kind of release it’s going to get, let alone when. I fucking love Pier Bucci – he never takes his eye off the 4x4 ball, but his productions are teeming with life, microscopic, complex and weirdly tropical.

If you haven’t heard his EP’s on Crosstown you really should sort it out, but here are three productions by Bucci that you may have not heard. The first came out in December on a Casa Del Puente 12”, alongside offerings from Boeing, Dinky and Flavius Etcheta, and is a spunky version of ‘En El Remolque’ by Emisor. The second is a re-work of ‘El Capitan’ by Mambotur, Bucci’s sometime production duo with fellow Santiago native Argenis Brito. This came out on Multicolor Recordings and it’s a proper, minimal acid killer: the last two minutes or so are real class. Lastly, ‘Stone Age’, from his brilliant collaboration with Luciano on Cadenza (does the vocal say ‘Fucking idiooooooooots!’ or am I imagining it?).

Emisor – En El Remolque (Pier Bucci Remix) // Casa Del Puente

Mambotur - El Capitan (Pier Bucci Remix) // Multicolor

Lucien-N-Luciano/Pier Bucci - Ameal // Cadenza


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