Thursday, July 17, 2008

TAPE this Friday!

This Friday, people!

Headhunter (Tempa)

As part of the Hench crew, Headhunter has been carving out his own style of dubstep for a good few years now. The ‘Initiate EP’ saw him merge UK garage, techno, and drum’n’bass influences into a mechanical and muscular whole, and showed him on top of his production game. On the 18th he joins us to draw the dots between his influences and his own material. Expect maximum bassweight!

Headhunter live on Rinse FM (28th May 2008)
Untitled - White Label
Teebee - White Label - Black Science Labs- Subtitled
LTJ Bukem - Suspended Space - Suspended Space EP - Good Looking
Future Engineers - Source Code- Technetium Ep
Tony Allen - Ole (Moritz von Oswald Mix) - Honest Jons
Leftover - eichenholz ep - Baum Records
Reverberation - Substance & Vainquier - Scion
Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling
Headhunter - Untitled Dub
Headhunter - Paradigm Shift
ramadanman - Blimey - Hessle Audio
Headhunter - Grounded
Pinch - Wonky Bleepy
Martyn - Natural Selection
2562 - Moog Dub - Tectonic
Headhunter - Your Say
Headhunter - Untitled Dub
Headhunter - Royal Flush
Wax Doctor - New Direction (93 Remix) - Basement Records

Headhunter live on Rinse FM (28th May 2008)

October (Caravan / Perspectiv)

Undoubtedly the finest purveyor of forward thinking techno music in the city, Julian Smith has turned heads worldwide with his recent productions on his own Caravan label, and also for Ripperton's Perspectiv. Mastered by Robert Babicz (aka. Rob Acid), his current release, 'Say Again' is a futurist broken techno track that's been rocking floors worldwide. Not to mention that his 'Three Drops' track is a favourite of Surgeon, and has been invited to perform a set on his radio show in the coming month. In addition, his track 'Invitation' has just been licenced as the final track on the new instalment of Steve Bug's 'Bugnology' mix series - great praise indeed!

October - New & Forthcoming Releases
1) Listen, Move, Dance
2) Three Drops
3) Invitation
4) There's A Glitch In My Soup
5) Tape
6) Homosapiens

October - New & Forthcoming Releases

Luke Malcher (under_score)

Luke Malcher is a resident at top Bristol techno night under_score. He likes to combine party funk with rave fear, and assimilates numerous styles - including bumping uk garage, dub, house and experimental noise - to create a unique sound. He has played for nights like Tape, Summer Summons, Byte and Best Before and is known for unauthorised collusions with Westcountry Shakedown and Normalise.

Luke Malcher - No EQs Promo Mix
SOG - SOG 2.2
Dettmann & Klock - Places Like This
Samim & Michal - Exercise
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches
Petre Inspirescu - Sakadat
Rhythm & Sound - Ruff Way (Osunlade Version)
Vainqueur - Elevations 2 (Extracted)
Ramadanman - Offal
Juice-O-Matic - Lask006
Dru Hill - How Deep Is Your Love (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Dexter - I Don't Care

Luke Malcher - No EQs Promo Mix


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