Friday, October 05, 2007

The Miller's Tale

Wotcha, Puffin Jack here, with the details of this weekends clubbing activity in Bristol. I have been tasked with this role as comrade Carnage's computer is on the blink, so here goes...

Right first off most importantly this Friday, today in fact, sees the return of our beloved 'Best Before:' party. Regular readers of the blog may remember us banging on about it, it was the one we used to do in a pub, the Bank, until it closed down. Well low and behold the pub has re-opened under the management of one the ex-bar staff! Great news for us as he was keen to welcome us back, having experienced the sheer hedonistic joy of a whole pub dancing on tables to 12" mixes of Fleetwood Mac! We were overjoyed to hear the bank was reopening as I can honestly say, and speak for Richard as well when I say it is the best boozer in town. I have lost many a Friday night and Saturday afternoon in there and don't regret a second. So what do we have in store tonight then? Having previously put on the likes of Chris Duckenfield and Mudd, the nights overlord, Sell by Dave decided to keep it local for the first one. That basically means us and our mates playing, keep it in the family eh?! Step up then The Kelly Twins, Andy Clarkson, Legendary Tone and Matt Oldham. Expect the usual heady mix of disco in its many forms, a dose of hip house, some random rock and lots of other gubbins. To recap then:

Best Before: @ The Bank
Friday 5th October
7pm - late

Next up it is my duty to tell you about our friends under_score party this Saturday. A few weeks back they put on an excellent party at the 'world famous' Blue Mountain club here in Bristol. Although unfortunately rather under attended it was one of the best nights musically this year. Babyford and Oliver Ho absolutely rocked it. Ho in particular played a fantastic set of stripped back, and at times almost industrial techno which had me dancing and whooping like a mad thing! This Saturday sees the under_score crew return to the basement vibes they are famed for as they take over the tube with special guest Dave Miller. The last time Dave played for the guys was down at Cosies, about two years ago. It has to rank as one of my favourite parties the crew have put on. For those unaware of Miller's work, he has been repeatedly compared to Jan Jelinek, although it has to be said most producers who make glitch based music end up being compared to the mighty Jelinek at one time or another! For me though Miller's work has the added advantage of a real love for low slung, rumbling bass, something which we here in Bristol love. When he played Cosies, which is an intimate cellar bar that more normally plays host to reggae or dubwise flavours, his slow skanking, glitchy bass sounds sat perfectly with the ambiance of the place as toothless Rastas and nerdy Caucasians head nodded along in a stoned approval. This was two years ago now, and apparently Miller has moved his sound on a little to encompass a more clubby vibe, i'll pass over to Duncan 'undeniable magic' George, under_score's lynchpin to tell you more:

"Since he last played for us Dave has moved from Perth, Australia, to Bethnal Green and has been soaking up inspiration from his new surroundings. He is also fresh from some fruitful collaborations with key players in the Australian music scene; Triosk and Pivot. As Roam The Hello Clouds they explore the intersection of live jazz and electronics on their album 'Near Misses' for the influential German label ~scape. With fellow countryman Fiam he released an album of glowing downtempo electronics 'A Modern Romance' on UK imprint Expanding Records.
His solo work takes in the fractured low end shuffle of dubstep, the shifted jazz keys and soulful rhythms of house legend Theo Parrish, and the detailed interference of Jan Jelinek, effortlessly leaping the divide between the dancefloor and the outer limits. Never afraid to take it slo-mo, he defies the 'faster/harder' brigade with deft and determined broken beats and a melodic approach which is at once humanistic and totally alien. It is beautiful, mutated funk music that you feel with your head, heart and feet, and it has won him fans the world over."

Well that pretty much says it all. Here are details of the show:

under_score @ the tube
w/ Dave Miller
Saturday 6th October
10pm - 4am

Dave has sent us a cheeky edit he has done of a certain US indie band, which would have been nice to put up here today, but due to my technical ineptitude I will have to pass it on to Carnage to post sometime next week!

All that is left for me to say is have a good weekend, and oh yeah if your in blighty SUPPORT THE STRIKING POSTIES!


Blogger Richard Carnage said...

It's true. My computer has gone kaput. It may be a couple of weeks before I regain full internet access in my homestead so hold on tight for a juicy update around then...

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's the cheeky edit I'm thinking of, it's available here. I'll be in the crowd on Saturday.


1:55 PM  
Blogger Sell By Dave said...

Typical… Rich's computer goes on the blink just when I actually give him a mix to stick up! Both best before: and under_score will be ace this weekend… if you're in Bristol BE THERE!

3:00 PM  
Blogger Puffin Jack said...

thanks 'anon'!

4:50 PM  
Blogger Puffin Jack said...

just a quick report back. Best Before was good, if a little quiet. Dave Miller was excellent, I was a tad too pissed to concentrate but really enjoyed it. he freaked out a few townies with his slo-mo bass vibrations!

10:53 AM  
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