Thursday, August 02, 2007

Five For The Weekend

Moderat ft. Paul St. Hillaire - Let Your Love Grow // Bpitch Control
The dubstep/techno hybrid anthem that you've all been waiting for. With booming beats, eerie delayed melodies, and a superb vocal contribution from Rhythm & Sound associate Paul St. Hillaire, this Apparat/Modeselektor collaboration from the latter's forthcoming 'Happy Birthday!' LP is making me very happy indeed. Check back next week for a full interview with the Modeselektor lads.

V/A - Music Is My Space // Statik
Quality dub techno EP from the Statik camp. Quantec (who's previously had records out on Styrax Leaves and Echocord) serves up a hypnotically shimmering shower of synths, whilst newcomer Chet knocks out a seriously deep skanker that marks him out as a producer to watch. Only 200 have been pressed on clear vinyl, so get to it!

Download samples:
Quantec - Hidden Persuasion // Statik
Chet - Urban Dharma // Statik

James Priestley & Dan Berkson - Chariots // Simple
A bubblingly techy spin on deep house with a simply gorgeous piano breakdown that culminates in a synth stab-a-thon that'll have the sunrise dancers' hands right up in the air. This collaboration between Secret Sundaze resident Priestley and Berkson should be out on Will Saul's Simple imprint early next month. Will's also got a fantastic label compilation coming up soon, but more about that another time.

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle (Todd Terje Rekutt) // CD-R
All you disco heads know and love Dennis' masterful original (which also strangely featured on a Radio Slave mix CD) by now, and you're probably thinking that an edit of 'Like An Eagle' isn't necessary. Yes, the original's fine on its own, but Terje knows the score and extends it out to a ten minute duration, holding the euphoric breakdown til the last three and then pummelling your senses with it. I'm not sure if this is going to get a vinyl release (if there's any justice it will - hopefully with his new edit of Barrabas' 'High Life'), but here's the 192 for the meantime. Also, check out
Another Night On Earth for more discofied goodies like this one.

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle (Todd Terje Rekutt) // CD-R

Toby Tobias - Solid (Extended Demo) // CD-R
Toby kindly sorted me with a CD of his forthcoming material at UFO last weekend (which, by the way, he was bleedin' terrific at), and this one's apparently getting a reworking before it appears on the fledgling Product Of Society label. It opens with a great bouncing groove before the synths stutter to life - two note arpeggios ramp up the tension before he drops it down, works the snap-claps like hell, then introduces a bit of bass squelch to finish. He's got a single ready to go on Tirk, and an album nearly completed for Rekids that counts Maurice Fulton collaborator Kathy Diamond amongst its guest stars. Keep yer ears peeled.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you guys seem to be back.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Cheers bud. Only one guy at the moment, however. I sincerely doubt that Soft will be back on here in the near future due to his employment situation, but Puffin should be chiming in with his two cents occasionally.

1:51 PM  
Blogger alex said...

nice to see some disco back on TAPE!
-- love that denis parker tune.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Dennis Parker edit! Love the original (played it so much my coworkers asked me to stop) and I love Terje, so this is like Christmas. And I can't believe how excellent that cover is!

Thank you!

6:43 AM  
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