Friday, March 16, 2007

We are family

A quick hello and goodbye from TAPE ahead of what promises to be a sterling weekend…

First up, many thanks to Simon Carr, who asked me down to the Lock Tavern to spin with him last night. He played some sick bits, I tell you, including an unreleased Quiet Village mix of Massive Attack, the shatteringly good Burial mix of Jamie Woon's 'Wayfaring Stranger', and Prins Thomas’s as-yet-unfinished remix of Hatchback’s ‘White Diamond’ on Simon’s own Thisisnotanexit label (which is, in all honesty, an early contender for tune of the year). In fact, when he played the aforementioned Burial tune, a girl actually came and asked what it was, going so far as to WRITE IT DOWN. How often does that happen? Not very, that’s how often. Anyway, the singer out of Cajun Dance Party did a little set with his ukulele that was actually pretty pleasant, but Lancashire plodders One More Grain were Mark E Smith-meets-Arab Strap without any of the wit or charm, or indeed any of the positive attributes that those two references connote (how good a word is connote?). Still, they weren’t unbearable…Anyway, hopefully Simon and I will be working on something in London in the near future, and we’ll certainly be inviting him to play for us in Bristol in the next couple of months. Watch this space, or indeed myspace.

Right, to the weekend ahead….TAPE’s true DJ team, Puffin Jack and Richard ‘Ricky’ Carnage (pictured looking hilariously sultry above) will be heading over to Dublin this weekend for Family’s St Patrick’s Day Special, at Wax. Family is hosted by Arveene (Clampdown/Bugged Out!; pictured below), who played at Mutant Pop last year and absolutely spunked it, eliciting some of the best crowd responses we’ve ever seen in our fair club. The boys will be supported by talented disco infiltrator and all-round good egg Matagouri and, quite simply, it’s going to be a big ol' night. If you’re in Dublin for this most of Irishy of weekends, head over to Wax and dance that Guinness out of your system.

Carnage has recorded a new mix and interview (!) for Arveene’s Spin FM radio show to promote the gig; I don’t have the exact link, but have a gander around and, er, you’ll find it.

St Patrick’s Day Special
With special guests
+ Arveene & Matagouri
@ Wax/Spy Bar
Powerscourt Centre,
South William Street,
Dublin 2.

Also, it’s now confirmed, Carnage, Puffin and myself will be heading over to Gothenburg at the end of the month to unleash some reet solid grooves on the good Swedish public; more details to follow.

Anyone who can’t be in Dublin this weekend and happens to be in London, there’s plenty to keep you busy – tonight, Dead Wolves at Fluid in Farringdon, peddling warm minimal grooves (in the best possible sense); tomorrow, you’re spoilt for choice – while one dreads to think what kind of punter the Hot Chip-curated Bugged Out! will draw into The End tomorrow, there is the small matter of live sets from Noze and Black Devil Disco Club which will surely make the jostling with gormless, elbows-out Erolites and tarted-up neu-rave jokes a worthwhile endeavour. Realistically though, I’m going to play it beardy and safe and head instead to the LikeThat warehouse party ( in Bethnal Green (picture above is of their last do) – residents Pablo Cahn, Soho and Nick Moreno are joined by Michal Ho (formerly of Samim & Michal) and, most appealingly, Perlon/Sieg Uber Die Sonne legend Dandy Jack. Really looking forward to this one.

You want an mp3 don't you? Well, check the slightly dodgy Extrawelt which came out on Traum earlier this month, if you must.

Extrawelt - Schmedding // Traum Schallpatten

Oh, and it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, so be a good kid and don’t forget to pick up the phone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a quality weekend chaps.

(Can't decide if you look like the Bo and Luke Duke of techno or a pair of "Sailors").

Raised a smile of a Friday morning.

Hope it goes well!

11:03 AM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Pair of sailors, definitely. I for one wasn't very happy with that photograph, but I guess you can tell who the ex-model is out of the two of us, eh?

5:35 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Oh, and Arveene won't be playing - it's us, Matagouri, and a twosome that go by the name of Jez & Superhands ("I'll suck for crack..."). The big man should be in attendance though.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Tal said...

who's the ex-model? :)

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit! it was mother's day yesterday

4:59 PM  
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Oh, and Arveene won't be playing - it's us, Matagouri, and a twosome that go by the name of Jez & Superhands ("I'll suck for crack..."). The big man should be in attendance though.

10:27 PM  
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