Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hello all, Puffin Jack here with a cheeky miniature post. First up big thanks to everyone who came down to the Bank on Friday. We had a great little party in the intimate surroundings of this city centre pub. Big shout outs to Clarkson, Joe Hart and Sean Johnston for spinning some seriously top notch tunes, and a big respec to John the landlord for running probably the friendliest pub in town. It was a particularly drink fuelled evening where we learned that I love getting on the mic (a lot) and also that the philosophies of Steiner and progressive Marxism tend to clash (don't ask). We will most definitely be playing again there soon, so anyone who missed this one keep an eye out for future TAPE parties.
Right then, what's going on this week? Tomorrow night, Thursday 1st March you will find me flexing it behind the decks at Bristol's esteemed mid week electronica night, Boggle. These guys have been putting on parties at the Arc Bar (home of Mutant Pop) for about a year now, which have been going from strength to strength. I've played for these guys before and they basically let me do what I want (always appreciated!). Their music policy is very open ended within the electronic spectrum, from the sublime (pastoral laptop ambient) to the ridiculous (DJ's in Speedos playing breakcore) with lots of interesting stuff in between. Last time I had a chance to play I rinsed a load of dubstep and grime. The time before I played a floor scraping ambient set joining the links between Ryuchi Sakakmoto, In Sync (not the boy band!) and the softer, glitchier edges of der minimal. This time they welcome a couple of out of town guests, who look set to be pretty interesting. Headlining the bill is Max Tundra, the lovable electronic fuck wit who gets on the mic more than even yours truly. I last saw Max about four years ago and he put a massive grin on my face, I'm pretty sure he'll do the same tomorrow. Nestling just beneath him on the bill are the Dagger Brothers, you will have to excuse my ignorance for I know nothing about them (maybe I'll try google later...). Which leaves little old me. I've been encouraged to crack out the disco, which let me assure you does not happen that often! For an occasion such as this I will be spinning some of wonkiest, funkiest disco gear from the Puffin collection, so expect lots of Ze records, a dash of Arthur Russell, a load of recent edits, a smattering of cosmic and a few cheeky floor fillers too. Should be pretty decent, be nice to see some of you there.
The following evening, Friday 2nd March, sees the return of our beloved Mutant Pop to once again lay down the 4/4 agenda for the forthcoming month. We have reached nearly a year in operation now and are pleased with what we have achieved. Big respect to Mike Bull and Gaz Watkins, our M.Pop cohorts for all their hard work. This month we welcome our bearded disco buddy, the celebrated Sell by Dave (iDJ) to join us pon the decks. We love Sell by's selection, plus he's a lovely chap to boot, who has a remarkable charm that makes you want to pat him on the head (?!). Expect 'Sledgehammer' played at -2 (better than it sounds), more D-Train tunes than you can shake a stick at, some soulful 'electric chair' style acid and some of his own rather tasty edits of a certain dope smoking Beatle. People you have been warned. Upstairs Mike and Gaz will be joined by the combined forces of Dan Reily and Jame Hurley from Bristol night Halo. These guys play a heady mix of tech house/minimal and can normally be found gracing the decks around silly o'clock in the morning at various after parties here in the South West.
Two potentially good nights, anyone in Bristol come on down...

p.s. do you like the new logo?


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nice logo! think i still have a t-shirt with the 1990's world cup mascot somewhere...

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It is very Italia 90 and i am really not sure about that!

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