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TAPE Awards 2006 - The Results

This has been lingering as a text file on my computer for ages, so I better get this up before February smacks my lazy arse. Thanks to everyone for voting - I know that not giving a shortlist made voting difficult for some, but I didn't want to exclude anything to make voting a bit fairer. Also, anyone who casted multiple votes in particular categories had their vote split between everything they included (it's our own fault for not being able to make up your minds you indecisive fools!). Anyway, here are the results in full - not many surprises but there are definitely a few interesting inclusions (Booka Shade in the top LPs list? What have you guys been smoking?!).

12" Single of 2006
1) Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck // Wagon Repair
2) Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom - Relevee // DFA
3) Martin Buttrich - Full Clip // Planet E
4) Minilogue - The Girl From Botany Bay // Wir Im Rhythmus
5) Audion - Mouth To Mouth // Spectral Sound

LP of 2006
1) J Dilla - Donuts // Stones Throw
2) The Knife - Silent Shout // Brille
2) My My - Songs For The Gentle // Playhouse
2) Alex Smoke - Paradolia // Soma
2) Booka Shade - Movements // Get Physical

Compilation of 2006
Kaos & Sal P - Danse, Gravité Zéro // Faith
2) Tom Moulton - A Tom Moulton Mix // Soul Jazz
2) Kompakt Total 7 // Kompakt
2) Superlongevity 4 // Perlon
2) Tropicalia // Soul Jazz

DJ of 2006
1) Optimo/JD Twitch
2) Luciano
3) Erol Alkan
4) Ricardo Villalobos
4) Magda

MixTAPE of 2006
Sean Johnston - Autumn Machine Music
2) Richard Carnage - After Hours
2) Richard Carnage - Mutant Disco
2) Richard Carnage - This Is Mutant Pop
3) Puffin Jack/Doodlebug - Doodledub
3) Richard Carnage - Don't Techno For An Answer

I'll probably write a bit more about the winners when I'm at work tomorrow, but for the meantime the only thing left for me to do is announce the winner of our voting competition. I asked you guys to hazard a guess at the combined age of TAPE, and a few of you hit the nail right on the head. Little did I realise (it was actually the technophobe that is Puffin Jack that pointed this out) that you could've gone through all of our Myspaces to find out the answer... D'oh! Anyway, we picked one of our correct voters at random, and I'm glad to say that the winner of a lovely fresh double 12" of the Metro Area LP is..... Rob! Drop me an e-mail and we'll get your prize sorted out (and if you've already got the Metro Area album I'm sure we can find something else good for you). The correct answer by the way (as if you're interested!) was 25 (Puffin) + 23 (Soft) + 22 (Carnage) which equals 70... which reminds me - best pop down to the post office to collect our TAPE pension.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely agree about Donuts. Inspirational stuff from the late J Dilla. Not sure why the Booka Shade album got a look in though? I'd say Nathan Fake's effort was miles ahead.

1:37 PM  
Blogger admiralfrogpants said...

hate to be a stickler but you have a pictur of jg wilkes not jd twitch of the optimo boys. Hairsplittin' I know.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

donuts ?? it only had 2 1/2 votes!!(1 by puffin jack) movements is a friggin classic.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Someone changed their vote from Convexion didn't they? Anyway - Donuts was a class record from start to finish and Movements was patchy to say the least. Nothing really excited me on it apart from Night Falls, In White Rooms, and Darko. The re-versions of MG & BL didn't hold a candle to the originals either. I could go on, but what I'm saying is that there were much better LPs than Movements released last year in the world of 4x4, never mind outside it. Where were the votes for '2006' or 'Orchestra Of Bubbles'?

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Booka Shade have had their day and Movements was unfortunately testament to that. Fans of Donuts should check out Dr Who Dat's (Jneiro Jarel) 'Beat Journey', a bit more trippy than Dilla's final piece but definitely worth a listen. Anyway back to techno. I reckon Holden's At The Controls should have got a mention in the compilation/mix category. It's a classic.

Yo Carnage.. what's '2006'? Forgive my ignorance.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Crowdpleaser & St Plomb's LP from last year.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous porn said...

donuts ?? it only had 2 1/2 votes!!(1 by puffin jack) movements is a friggin classic.

9:10 PM  

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