Friday, January 12, 2007

The Grind

More farm-fresh tuneage for you, again on a more dubwise tip. You may recall us extolling the vitues of our pal Ralph (pictured), aka RLF, aka Bass Clef. Here's what the fellas at Boomkat said about his recent LP on Blank Tapes, A Smile is A Curve that Straightens Most Things. I know those guys always gush, but I can assure you there's no hyperbole going on here:

If you're able to produce the kind of bass-drops and low-end charges that inhabit much of this excellent debut album from Ralph Cumbers' Bass Clef project, you'll find yourself in very good company at the tail-end of 2006, a year that's ushered in Low-End theorists with the kind of feverish excitement not seen since the heady days of 1970's towering dub. Bass Clef don't quite straddle the tried and tested Dubstep templates that have become de rigueur for the scene as the months have passed, instead opting for a more schizophrenic approach that takes-in Cumbers' evidently well-worn collection of Idm, Dub and Jungle records, mashed up and re-processed with a heavy analogue underlay that gives each of the 13 tracks here much of their charm and untold heaviness. Not entirely unlike the Werk label's excellent Actress, Bass Clef don't discriminate against any given styles, pairing off Cumbers' Bristol roots against his current surroundings in Hackney - a sort of geographic trawl through bass culture that's incredibly modern yet well-grounded in over 30 years of beat science. "A Smile Is A Curve..." is precisely the kind of album the scene needs if it's to circumvent the faint whiff of fatigue starting to seep out of its pores. Like Boxcutter's "Oneiric" from early on this year it manages to be a jack of many trades and master of pretty much all of them - the proverbial having your cake and eating it, urban styles. Excellent.

You need to buy that album, so like, do.

The tune we have for you today is Ralph's re-rub of 'The Grind' by another talented Bristolian, Peverelist - aka Tom, who works at Rooted Records and supplies Puffin with his weekly dubstep fix. Check out their site for all your low-end needs.

Peverelist - The Grind (Bass Clef Remix) // CD-R

Have a good weekend, and check Chris Bones' myspace for details of an interesting minimal-inclined party in London on Saturday night, if you're in Bristol head to Cosies tonight for Andy Stott & Pinch, and I'll probably sidle over to Blogger's Delight at the Lock on Sunday, for the usual early-evening high jinks from Casper and Skull Juice, with Herve and a special mystery guest also on board. Whatever you do, have a good one. We haven't got long to live...


Blogger Richard Carnage said...

The Bass Clef LP was also featured as one of the top 10 electronic albums in probably the most reputable publication in the UK. Of course, it's The Sun! Seriously though, it deserves all the attention that it's getting, so pick yourself up a copy next time you're digging. CD only unfortunately, but vinyl junkies can pick up his Hackney Centralist EP which features album cut 'Clapton Deep' and 2 non-LP tracks.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Puffin Jack said...

pure fucking class! really like it when the bass fully wonks out towards the end. Thumbs up!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:23 AM  
Blogger Blackest said...

just checked, and the link seems to still be working - anonymous, you might just want to try again

12:11 PM  
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Anonymous porn said...

pure fucking class! really like it when the bass fully wonks out towards the end. Thumbs up!

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