Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Sorry about the blog silence over the last week or so. It's coming up to Christmas and I'm slowly getting busier by the minute. Our trip to Dublin last weekend was excellent - many thanks to Alex for putting up with us and sorting us out good and proper. Also, cheers to Gerry from Big Brother Records (any disco aficionados should go and check out his little downstairs shop or the site here - a top selection of gems in there!) for letting us camp out in his record shop for absolutely ages. We thought we'd been in there for about half an hour, but two hours later....

The actual gig was great as well. Alex (pictured left - he's known as Matagouri on the circuit and played the most recent Mutant Pop alongside Arveene) set us up with a great selection of disco fromage, and then I stepped up to the plate first to deal out some cosmic carnage which was really well recieved. Some Transvolta, Shannon, and Gary's Gang later, Puffin was up. By the time he'd reached the end of his little slot, his secret weapon party bangers were out; the first being a bootleg of Lady Sovereign and Fred Westy that's featured in my chart on here beforehand. This got a rapturous response, but I got the feeling the crowd were ready to be housed up. I called the Puffin over, asking him to give me some 4x4 to mix out of, so what does he go and do? He puts on 'Holiday'! And yes, that's Madonna's 'Holiday'. Great tune, but talk about a stitch up! I was reluctant to take it anywhere apart from booming beats and squiggly acid, so I cued up Kerri Chandler's fantastic 'Return 2 Acid' from last year and away I went... Sounded absolutely amazing though - who'd have thunk it?

My favourite part was definitely the last half hour where I whipped out '...Botany Bay', 'The End Of It All', and Booka Shade vs Annie (Carnage edit, oh yeah) before Chris rounded things off with a rowdy 'What Is The Problem?' from Grafiti (a vintage TAPE anthem if there ever was one), and the rousing Ashley Beedle mix of 'Weak Become Heroes'. Come on Mr Skinner - get off the chang and back on the beans! You know a house album makes sense! Top night though - cheers to everyone who came down and busted some moves on the Wax floor. Maybe you'll see us back there one day... Only time will tell!

Anyway, it's time for your latest Viva instalment! Apologies for last week - our regular listeners will probably have noticed that I requested a repeat of the first show due to being across the pond, but we're back with a vengeance this week with disco old and 'nu' rubbing shoulders with wonky deep techno business. There's loads of top drawer stuff on this week's show (of course!), but keep your ears poised and ready for the new Tracey Thorn track (produced by Ewan Pearson and Darshan Jesrani no less), mongo self-hating, drug fuelled orchestral genius from Spiritualized, driving tech-wonk from the Trickski boys, and a superb louche groover from Mudd. All you live listeners can tune in at 1am GMT tonight.

TAPE Radio - Show #12: Discotech
1) The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Trogolodyte // RCA Victor
2) The Osmonds - I, I, I (Quiet Village No-Edit) // Eskimo
3) Woolfy - The Warehouse // Rong
4) Trilogy - Not Love // Il Discotto
5) D-Train - You're The One For Me (Shep Pettibone Remix) // Mastercuts
6) L.S.B. - Original Highway Delight // Eskimo
7) Minimal Compact - Deadly Weapons (Optimo Remix) // Crammed Discs
8) Nino Astronauta - San Fernando Rd (John Tejada Remix) // Family Tree
9) 12th Floor - Salsa 313 (Trickski Remix) // Raw Fusion
10) Burdy - Hold It Back // Sunshine Enterprises
11) Loose Lips - Earsex (Sian Warm Real Mix) // Tsuba
12) Ost & Kjex - How Not To Be A Biscuit // Crosstown Rebels
13) Mudd - 54b // Rong
14) Tracey Thorn - It's All True (The DSE Dub) // CD-R
15) The Rakes - Binary Love (The Loving Hand Remix) // V2
16) The Rice Twins - For Penny And Alexis // Kompakt Extra
17) Spiritualized - Won't Get To Heaven (The State I'm In) // Spaceman
18) Zero 7 - Futures (Rub'n'Tug Remix) // Atlantic

TAPE Radio - Show #12: Discotech

This weekend was a bit of a busy one what with playing our cosmic showdown at Byte on Friday and then the TAPE 2nd birthday, Zoo vs TAPE, and the under_score 'Technival' on Saturday. I'll save launching into my extensive rantings concerning that weekend of madness for later... Enjoy the radio show though!


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Nice tracklisting Rich - they'll love that over at DJH!

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