Saturday, December 16, 2006

Carnage's Top 100 12" Singles Of 2006: #1-50

Ugh. Feeling slightly worse for wear after last night's cosmic showdown at Byte's 'All-Star Xmas Mash Up' with Balearic overlord Sell By Dave, but it was a highly enjoyable night all round, give or take a few blasts of questionable hardcore! Cheers to Andy Basic for having us down and supplying the free booze - it's always a pleasure playing for that man. Also, you should be seeing a Doodlebug set at one of next year's Byte nights. If you'd forgotten, Doodlebug is Puffin's new dubstep moniker and you can check out his mix here. Before I forget, thanks also go out to Matagouri for making us feel very welcome during our trip to the Irish capital. Who'd have thought that whisky and hot chocolate go together? Lovely stuff. On the night we totally rocked it (did you expect anything less?), and I might talk a little about it sometime next week. In the meantime, here's the rest of my singles chart for the year. It's far from definitive (I can already think of loads of stuff that I've missed out), but it's a pretty good representation of what's been floating our boats down at TAPE towers in '06. Stay tuned for Softy's end of year roundup - if he ever gets round to it, that is...

Carnage's Top 100 12" Singles Of 2006: #1-50
1) Minilogue - The Girl From Botany Bay // Wir Im Rhythmus
2) Pinch - Qawwali // Planet Mu
3) Gabriel Ananda - Miracel Whop EP // Platzhirsch
4) Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Relevee (Remixes) // DFA
5) Sideshow - Scary Biscuits EP // Aus
6) Lindstrøm - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix) // Feedelity
7) Martin Buttrich - Full Clip/Programmer // Planet E
8) Shackleton - Soundboy's Nuts Get Ground Up Proper EP // Skull Disco
9) John Tejada - The End Of It All // Palette
10) Sly Mongoose - Snakes & Ladder (Rub'n'Tug Remix) // Mule Musiq
11) Thomas Melchior & Luciano - Solomon's Prayer / Father // Cadenza
12) Alexander Robotnick - The Dark Side Of The Spoon // Creme Organisation
13) The Knife - Silent Shout // Brille
14) Disco Supreme - Supreme Edits Vol 1 // Supreme
15) Mala - Left Leg Out // DMZ
16) Claude Von Stroke - The Whistler/Who's Afraid Of Detroit? // Dirty Bird
17) Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah Remixes #2 (Soundstream) // Burial Mix
18) Audion - Mouth To Mouth // Spectral
19) Pier Bucci - Familia Remix EP 1 // Crosstown Rebels
20) Cobblestone Jazz - India In Me // Wagon Repair
21) Akabu - Phuture Bound (Âme remix) // Z
22) Sleeper Thief - Chasing You // Mobilee
23) Hot Chip - A Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework) // EMI
24) Sebo K - Horizons/Moved // Mobilee
25) Popnoname - You Are Popnoname // Italic
26) Shit Robot - Wrong Galaxy / Triumph // DFA
27) My My - Butterflies & Zebras // Aus
28) Salif Keita - Yamoré (Luciano Remix) // Cadenza
29) Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb - 1er Mai/18 Years // Mental Groove
30) Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck // Wagon Repair
31) Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah Remixes #4 (Carl Craig/Basic Channel)
32) Ellen Allien & Apparat - Jet (Remixes) // Bpitch Control
33) Ricardo Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheuer // Playhouse
34) Tangoterje - Diamonds Dub // Supreme
35) Chelonis R. Jones - Deer In The Headlights (Remixes) // Get Physical
36) Toastyboy - Skinny // Destructive
37) Kate Bush - King Of The Mountain (Radio Slave Remix) // White
38) Padded Cell - Are You Anywhere?/Konkorde Lafayette // DC
39) Ost & Kjex - How Not To Be A Biscuit // Crosstown Rebels
40) The Flying Squad Edits // RVNG
41) Gabriel Ananda & Cio D'or - Lauschgoldengel // Treibstoff
42) Tres Demented - Shez Satan/Brainfreeze // Planet E
43) Herbert - Moving Like A Train (Smith'n'Hack Remix) // !K7
44) Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah Remixes #3 (Sleeparchive) // Burial Mix
45) Kelley Polar - Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens (LP Sampler Volume Two) // Environ
46) Henrik Schwarz/Âme/Dixon ft. Derrick Carter - Where We At // Innervisions
47) Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Edit) // Let's Pet Puppies
48) Jesse Rose - You're All Over My Head // Dubsided
49) Heidi vs. Riton - Vejer // Get Physical
50) Greg Wilson - Young Dog Alien Vol. 1

Have a good weekend, and we'll see all you Bristol TAPErs at the birthday party later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outstanding composite. Excellent. Proper respect for Sly Mongoose. "Exceeder" backlash too! Not EVEN in the top 100? Wow.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

missing: Soundstream - Love Jam / Makin' Love !!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Blackest said...

'son of raw' was released in summer '05, carnes! though in all other senses, it's a tune of '06....

11:42 AM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Well spotted Mr Soft - I always assumed it was from this year.

Andrew - You're right there! Yet another glaring omission...

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Jet" was hands down my favorite of the year but Mr. Carnage certainly highlighted all of the popular cuts that drove us nuts in Cali this year. Thx!

10:25 PM  
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'son of raw' was released in summer '05, carnes! though in all other senses, it's a tune of '06....

9:39 PM  
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