Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bound 4 Da Re(up)load

Just a quick heads up to say that after noticing a few comments requesting it, I've finally reuploaded my 'Tape Me Out (Part 2)' mix that was done last September. It's nice to know that people are still checking out the mixes, and of course, any comments are always appreciated! After all, I probably wouldn't be doing these if it wasn't for you lovely readers. So if you've been enjoying a particular mix at a house party (that's what they're sort of there for, eh?) or just pottering around the house, drop us a comment! Keep reading over the next couple of weeks to download our latest mix that me and t'Puffin have done for the Family night in Dublin that we'll be playing on Saturday December 9th. We hope to see all you Dubliners down there!

Richard Carnage - Tape Me Out (Part 2)
(for tracklisting see sidebar)


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