Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Phonz

A heads-up for a couple of events connected to Phonica Records, London's finest underground 4x4 emporium. The success of the shop is legendary, and three years of serving up the latest in worldwide techno, electro, house and disco (and smatterings of all sorts besides) to bedroom chancers and superstar DJs alike are justly celebrated this Friday 8th September, with their mammoth Birthday Party at The Key. Last year's bash was helmed by Andy Weatherall and DJ T, and apparently was The Key's busiest night ever (a fact that will have been grimly apparent to anyone else waiting on a free cubicle to have a cheeky line...) This year the line-up is even bigger, and some might say better. As well as Phonica stalwarts Heidi (whose Get Physical 12" has just dropped), Hector La Raza and, of course, honorary TAPEr Simon Rigg, for a mere tenner you can throw yourself at the mercy of Wagon Repair's Konrad Black and minimalist du jour Loco Dice. I'm just as excited about Room 2, though, which is playing host to Henrik Schwarz (whose live set off-Sonar was the talk of the town) and, among others, Jonny Rock (Freaks) and Pete Herbert (Reverso 68). Phew. It's going to be one of those nights. Tickets are £10 from Phonica; a coupla quid more on the night....

at The Key, off York Way, Kings X London
with: Konrad Black, Loco Dice, Henrik Schwarz (Live)
+Phonica DJs. 10pm-6am

On a slightly less hectic note, DC Recordings - home of Padded Cell and The Emperor Machine -is throwing a little party at the Phonica store itself (Poland St, Soho) on the same day, Thursday 7th September. They'll be exhibiting La Boca's handsome artwork for the label (there's an example pictured above) while Richard Sen (Padded Cell) and a couple of his comrades lay down some dubby psyche-disco grooves, DC-style. It kicks off at 8.30pm, and entry's free, so arrive early to avoid the ruckus and look out for a lanky Indian in fetching office-wear.


Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Fuck it. I'm coming to the Phonica party. I'll have to get a bus back at 7am to get back in time for work but it'll be well worth it. So hold that guestlist place and get the narcs in!

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah come tomorrow. but for tonight, if you're not on the list / have an invite don't even think about turning up...

you'll be politely turned away i think...

3:01 PM  

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