Monday, September 25, 2006

Caravan rolls into town

Well that was a really good weekend - Sleeparchive properly rocked the Tube on Saturday night, playing a masterful set of his own tunes and managing to not smile once! I think he only used about three sounds on his laptop, those ruthlessly efficent kickdrums, a hint of acid bleepiness and that hissing noise you find all over his records. It sounded great. There was lots of talk about the purity of his techno and much appreciation of the lack of breakdowns and in Luke Malcher's case the absence of his detested hi-hats! Everyone else played a blinder too, I was especially likng Jimmy P's set in which he managed to seemingly fit the entire Smith N Hack back catalogue into! Nuff respect Mr Petherwick. I played for about an hour rocking the dubstep to a few bewildered faces and slighty more bass hungry headz. It being freshers week I had some spotty little oik asked me for "Something with a beat, do you have any Pendulum?" and then when that didn't work he sent his mate up to ask for Shy FX 'Shake Your Body'. I explained that this was a specialist music night with the disdainful air of a snob who has spent to long behind the counter of record shops havingto service orribe junglists. Anyway they soon left and Rich overheard him demanding his money back and exclaiming I was the worst Dj he had ever seen. Result. Later in the evening I spent some time demanding that Mr Sleeparchive make some dubstep after he expressed a love of the form, so hopefully we'll get some reductionist dubstep with lots of hissing noises on it! Last night was great too, we had a little techno social which is mentioned in the post below. It went so well we're going fortnightly. I played what I thought was my best set in ages. I went from Theo Parrish into TAPE favourite Strategy into Candido and then some minimal, a bit of Pepe Braddock, you get the idea... So all those peeps in Bristol, the night is called 'Normalise', come down have a few pints and lets talk techno!

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to infrom y'all about a new night that October and I are running as of this Saturday. The night is called 'Caravan' and is dedicated to a deeper, dubbier and to some extent jazzier electronic sound than we normally play. For the first night we are keeping it local with a couple of choise Bristol-centric guests. Warming things up will be Tim Spencer from 'Moshi Moshi', a long running night of quiet, understated bar cool. Tim's got super eclectic taste and always plays a great set from across the board. Whenever i've seen him spin he always brings a soulfulness and leftfield charm to proceedings. Should be perfect. Next up is Bristol's master of riddims, the mighty Dub Boy of Ruffnek Diskotek. Known for his incredible selction of Jamaican tuneage, new and old, Dub boy can be found playing around Bristol pretty much every weekend, smashing it up wherever he goes. We've encouraged him to go as deep as he likes on Saturday, so plenty of dub methinks. When I saw him the other day he hinted there might be an element of sublow in his set, so i'll be enjoying that! Next up is me playing a mashed up set of dubstep, bruk and minimal (in theory) and then finally the master minimal mixer, DJ October who needs no introduction to readers of this blog. Join us from 10pm onwards, door tax is £3. Should be a good 'un....


Blogger Unknown said...

This is off-topic, but I just wanted to say, great blog. I posted your site as my 'blog of the day' today.

And that Microfunk - Pecan is the hotness, btw. Thanks for the heads up.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In no way shape of form should Richard Carnage win mix tape of the year. The fact this has 'mix' in the title rules him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:36 PM  
Anonymous porn said...

And that Microfunk - Pecan is the hotness, btw. Thanks for the heads up.

10:08 PM  

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