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Guest TAPEr's Chart: Matthew Styles (Crosstown Rebels, London)

OK, so I’ve been super lazy with blog posts of late. There are some noble reasons for that (working, looking for work, finding a place to live and on and on), and less noble ones, like the fact that I’ve spent the last couple of weeks compulsively fucking about on myspace. Visit for my current top 10, which I tend to update ever three or four days now (simply to justify the hours spent looking at pictures of terrible young women I’ll never meet and listening to sound-samples of passable dubplates I’ll never buy). I will return to my time-honoured (and time-consuming) habit of meaty, mp3-sodden posting in as soon as I can (God knows I have a huge array of tracks I need to tell you about/make you listen to), but for now I'm sure you'll be more than contented with a special Guest Taper’s Chart from none other than Matthew Styles.

West Country boy Matthew (pictured above), if you didn’t already know (shame on you), runs Crosstown Rebels, London’s finest electro/techno/house imprint, with loveable wideboy Damian Lazarus, and has thus been responsible for putting out all manner of classic tracks and versions from the likes of Kiki & Silversurfer, Hiem, Mish Mash, Konrad Black, Mathew Jonson, Frankie Flowerz, Alex Smoke, Black Strobe, Holden, etc; and, of course, the mighty Pier Bucci’s Familia LP and trio of essential twelves. Check out the latest issue of DVD mag Slices, for a label profile on Crosstown and an amusing interview with Matt ‘n Laz (being careful to avoid, as Carnage has warned, the stupendously boring ‘DJ Hell visits Bayern Munich’s stadium - period’ item). A lot of Rebels releases are still available on 12”, so seek ‘em out if your foolish enough to have passed ‘em up previously, and look out for the forthcoming ‘Far Away’ by Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia that’s already storming the clubs – a sleek, sensuous vocal throbber that’ll be sporting killer remixes from Jennifer Cardini and Mathew Jonson upon full release. Also there’s Styles and Lazarus’s Get Lost mix still knocking around – I didn’t really get on with it, but I dare say a lot of you would, so check it out. Finally, catch the pair spinning at Fabric in two weekends’ time, with Luciano and Alex Smoke taking care of Room 1. Not forgetting that Styles is a regular at Dig Your Own Rave and DjsCanDance - always worth a wiggle. Yeah.

Here then, in no particular order, is the man’s swift rundown of how he’s getting his ‘contemporary fix’…

Matthew Styles' Top 10 for August

1. Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup // Let's Pet Puppies
One of a slew of Ron Hardy edits or inspired tracks. This is the best for me.

2. Jahcoozi - Go Go Dancer (Cassy Remix) // Kitty Yo
I love Cassy's take on that US house sound, stripped back and sensual at the same time; her Panorama bar mix CD is great too.

3. Kevin Gorman - Format // Mikrowave
Very minimal, but slightly jazzy in an odd way…

4. Code E - Algorithm Method EP // Mule Electronic
If I was on a boat, I'd play this record - floaty italo.

5. 8 Miles High - Mutter // Playhouse
Roman Flügel: genius

6. Jens Bond - EP // Highgrade
This first solo EP shows why Guido Schneider chose to work with Jens on some of his Poker Flat releases - very strong and dynamic percussive tracks for the club.

7. Zander VT - Memo 4 // Memo
The second EP for Zander VT on BPitch's little sister. Slips nicely into that area around Amé and Loco Dice...

8. Minilogue - Hitchhikers Choice // Crosstown Rebels)
Minilogue are certainly on a roll, and we had to be part of the action.

9. John Mustang - Into Ya Pants // Phictiv Switzerland
The swiss are a quiet bunch but every month more and more great records
are appearing, German efficiency combined with Italian flair...

10. EAT - Silverbird Casino // DNP
Part of a forthcoming compilation, featuring Henrik Schwartz, Villalobos and Luciano. These guys make uneasy listening…


Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Ah, Puffin played me that Marcus Mixx track tonight in his back room. Top stuff! Mixes really nicely into Break 3000's 'Lights' by the way.

3:42 AM  

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