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I like to 'Moves it

As you may already be aware, our club night Mutant Pop, still in wonderfully erratic adolescence, plays host next Friday to Matt Waites of up-and-coming dancefloor blitzers Nightmoves (pictured above - Matt's on the left). We've been banging on about the 'Moves mix of 'Gravity's Rainbow' by The Klaxons for a good four months, and the simple reasons is this: it's right on the fucking money. That ballistic, cartoonish slab of goodness is now available for you, the great and the good, to buy, as together with versions from Van She and To My Boy it comprises the new Kitsune 12", which you can pick up pronto from here. Check their myspace over here to have a sniff of their other remixes to date - another one for the Klaxons ('Atlantis 2 Interzone'), one for Shitdisco and a blinding, dubbed-out disco job on the Infadels' forthcoming 'Girl Who Speaks No Words' (out soon on Wall Of Sound).

Anyway, Matt has spun for us before, twice at our original and sorely missed TAPE night way back in, well, last year. He's played all over the shop besides, is resident at Nottingham's Liars Club, and he is, quite simply, stonking on the decks - indeed, he prompted Puffin Jack, always admirably restrained in his praise, to admit that he had an 'I've found God' moment the first time he played for us (we were screwed to the nines on e and 'shrooms, so it's perhaps no surprise that Matt's mix of gnarly electro, fucked-up acid house, cheesy disco and re-edited psyche-rock had us near on our knees in worship. Actually, I think I may have been on my knees at one point). Anyway, the thing is, he's quality and if you live in Bristol or can make the trip you will not be disappointed.

Here's the interview I did with Nightmoves (aka Matt Waites and Pete Cage) for good ol'
FACT mag; excuse the lame line of questioning, you know these things are ruled by convention.....

Q: What’s on your stereo(s) at the moment?
We just got the DFA remix of Colours by Hot Chip. It's really surprising as its so different to other DFA stuff but they always manage to improve on the original. Great sleeve too. The new Aswefall 12" is exciting us a bit, particularly the Naum remix. Anything on Ed Banger or by Boys Noize seems to keep us happy and the Alden Tyrell compilation on Clone is pretty special.

Q: Describe the Nightmoves style in a few words
A: We’re still establishing our sound, but we’re still young…Big sounds for the dancefloor is our current direction, but is always subject to change...Gatecrasher kids in indie kids’ clothing?!

Q: You’ve just done a monster remix of The Klaxons’ ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’, which is getting props all over the place. How did you hook up with the band?
Simon from the band was a regular at Liars Club before he moved to London so we knew him anyway, then we just relied on Klaxons getting famous, which fortunately for us, they have!

Q: What’s the best thing about doing a remix?

Q: Who would you love to remix/be remixed by?
A moth/Freddy Krueger

Q: What’s the scene like in Nottingham?
A: Nottingham is quite close knit in terms of the people who organize the nights there. We have our lot who do Liars Club, maybe 10 people or so that make it happen each week. Unfortunately, Nottingham relies on students to make the nights, unlike London. Many nights have had to close their doors during student holiday time.

Q: What’s your most memorable gig/set so far?
A: A disco set we played at Fabric a couple of months back for a charity event was lots of fun. We played before Mr Trevor Jackson. Think we cleared the room nicely for him!

Q: What’s the strangest request you’ve had as DJs?
A: Matt was once forced to play a trance CD in Bristol at fist-point. The trouble really began when he frisbeed the CD across the room after playing it…

Q: What does the typical (or dream) Nightmoves rider consist of?
A: A bottle of whiskey makes us happy most of the time. That, and we’ll only share a dressing room with Roy Chubby Brown.

Q: I’m guessing you guys grew up dedicated indie kids. What do you think triggered your electro awakening?
We're open to most styles of music and always have been, but we’re dance kids at heart. However, we’ll both admit to having owned a copy of the Menswear album in the mid-nineties!

Q: What was your first amazing clubbing experience?
A: The City Rockers ‘Bodyrockers’ nights in 2002 were amazing; seeing people like Erol Alkan & Damian Lazarus for the first time was a massive inspiration – that changed everything, really.

Q: Do you have any plans for your own productions in the pipeline?
Yes indeed, they’re on the way!

Q: What piece of musical equipment could you simply not do without?
A: A shit load of cracked software... is that an instrument? Our new monitors too, the Klaxons remix was produced on one knackered old hifi speaker.

Q: What’s your favourite track/song(s) to finish a DJ set with?
I think a joint favourite will always be ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac. Or, to be honest, any Fleetwood Mac song!

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
On a yacht on the Mediterranean with Chantelle and Preston

The Infadels - Girl Who Speaks No Words (Nightmoves Remix) // Wall of Sound

MUTANT POP Friday 14th June
The Arc Bar, Broad St, Bristol

MATT WAITES (Nightmoves / Kitsune / Liars Club)


Door tax: Free before 11, £3 after


Blogger RJ said...

always great to read more about Nightmoves... i think ive followed them quite closely through this blog and via myspace... thanks for keeping us up to date.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love reading about nightmoves

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nightmoves are at Plug-in at Plastic People this wednesday.

November, 22nd 2006 at Plug-iN @Plastic People
147-149 CurtainRoad, London, EC2, London.

Uncle Buck

check out:

for more details

10:02 PM  
Anonymous porn said...

i love reading about nightmoves

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